bright warm yellow wall behind busy kitchen desk and shelf

Bring the Color Now 2022 collection to your home

The Color Now 2022 collection invites you to look at your home like you would for the first time. What are the things you first fell in love with? What makes your home yours? Find the elements that ground you and ones that lift you up.

In the Color Now 2022 colour collection there are colours to fall in love with – for both people who trust the traditional style and for those who embrace the more minimalistic and modern style. The colours feel like friends or memories that tell stories from different parts of your life. Where does your mind wander when you’re looking at the Color Now 2022 collection?

natural wooden colour dinner table set and green-blue half panel wall in background

Play with colours

The heart of the Color Now 2022 collection is the Color of the Year, L478 Kestrel. It is accompanied with turquoise, gentle black and soft beige among other shades. The colours of the collection are designed to be brought together with no restrictions. Combine the colours that resonate with you the most and play wild. Try how different combinations would look on large surfaces and on details There is no right and wrong with this palette: if certain colours call for you, they are just right.

For example L478 Kestrel combined with X447 Sea Smoke is an interesting unison of warm and cool tones. Add in a pinch of K396 Safari and the colours will become even more vibrant.

bright warm yellow wall behind busy kitchen desk and shelf

Warm vs. cool

If your heart beats for warm shades, choose F466 Parchment or K396 Safari. If you prefer cool undertones, you’ll enjoy V503 Winter, X447 Sea Smoke, S440 Silk Road and X449 Licorice. The Color of the Year, L478 Kestrel, balances between cooler and warmer shades: it’s a calm and grounding brown with a hint of purple.

minimalist white side table in front of blue-green colour half panel wall

Favourite colours on walls, furniture and skirting boards

How would a soft black X449 Licorice look on bedroom walls? Would L478 Kestrel create a peaceful yet charming atmosphere to a living room? When in doubt, start small: paint only one wall or a piece of furniture. Light blue-green X447 Sea Smoke feels fresh on furniture, lively S440 Silk Road looks great on both walls and baseboards. Every colour of the collection works with multiple purposes so trust your intuition and choose the colours that speak to you the most.


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