muted pink colour wall in kids room with colourful decorations

Colourful homes in different style - Instagram inspirations

When looking for interior design tips, it’s always a good idea to take a look on Tikkurila followers on Instagram. We found two amazing homes with distinguishing colourful vibe. Here are their tips for choosing vivid interior colours.

Kristiina Kolkka, @kristiinakolkka, is a vintage-loving DIY enthusiast who lives with her husband and 5- and 8-year-old daughters in Espoo, Finland. Her style is playful and adventurous: if she sees something she likes, she’s already planning how to use the idea in her home.

"Our home is rather maximalist than minimalist. A few years ago our home was all black, white and concrete, but suddenly I started to wonder, what kind of memories does that leave to my kids – and that’s when I started adding colour to our home. I want my children to remember a colourful home full of details and beautiful items.

muted pink colour wall in kids room with colourful decorations

The terrazzo design in my daughter’s room is something I created myself with cardboard templates and leftover paints I had. The upper background colour is Tikkurila G467 Champignon and the lower is V416. My daughter loves the end result. Before the room had cold grey walls, but this muted tone patterning fits so much better for a kid’s room.

bedroom with blue colour wall and natural material decorations

When we moved to this house, we made the upstairs white and downstairs dark – that’s how our bedroom wall ended up being black as well. At some point I started longing for a look that is a little bit lighter, so I got the idea to set up the wooden slats on it. Even though the wall is black, the surface is vivid and looks a little bit different every time.”

Annika, @annikamon_, has a house in Kouvola, Finland, where she lives with her two dogs and two cats. Her interior style is a mix of modern and retro with lots of second hand treasures. Annika’s signature style is natural furniture – preferably teak – combined with rich colours on the walls.

“I like strong colors as long as they’re not overdone. It’s easy to experiment with paints, because it’s so simple to repaint if the colour isn’t the right one. There’s a lot of light in my home, so strong colours fit here well and don’t make the look too dismal.

bright green wall in hallway, decorated with wooden furniture

Muted tones especially are to my liking and in the interiors, green is the one I like the most. It’s a calming and neutral shade. Too bright or glaring hues don’t match my taste.The green wall in the picture is in the upper hall of my house. Before painting I had already decided it would be green, but I pondered on the tone for long. I studied Tikkurila colour collection and chose the tone L374, and luckily it turned out to be what I was expecting.

blue walls in living decorated with wooden furniture

The blue wall in the living room is Tikkurila S491 Petrol. The living room has the most light in my house, so I dared to try a dark shade, and I’m happy I did. Petrol matches nicely to the 50's-inspired interior. There’s a teak sofa table, flower table and an old dresser. And a lot of house plants in clay pots, which I think matches nicely to the shade of the wall. It feels like everything looks good with this shade.”


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