painting concrete table to dark

Concrete table makeover for the garden

Photographer and blogger Riikka Kantinkoski created a modern concrete table for the decking. Create a stylish table by painting the legs of a pale concrete table with a dark colour.

Play with the contrast between concrete and a subtle, glossy paint finish

A coarse concrete table top provides a great contrast with delicate plants and soft sofa cushions. You can build the table yourself or buy one ready-made. A light-colored and sturdy table surface needs to be paired with thin and dark legs.

Riikka painted the metal table legs black with Unica Ulkokalustemaali. Unica Special Alkyd Paint gives the table legs a subtly glossy surface. The surfaces were sanded, cleaned, and then painted.

Concrete may be a carefree material, but you should put the table in storage for winter. If water freezes in the cracks in the concrete, the concrete top may split. You should coat the concrete with Anti-Dust dust-binding agent. 

painting concrete table
concrete table
concrete table

You can make your own concrete table using a plywood casting frame and some reinforcement mesh. Build the casting frame over the base plate and cut a piece of the reinforcement mesh that fits loosely inside the frame. Prepare the casting material, pour 1/3 of it into the frame and place the reinforcement mesh on top of the mass. Pour the remaining material into the frame and level the surface. Use some gauze to cover the mass to protect it. Allow to dry for 3 – 4 days inside the frame. 

Riikka Kantinkoski is a photographer, artist, stylist and blogger from Helsinki. Riikka runs the popular Weekdaycarnival blog, where she discusses interior design and food-oriented work projects, as well as lighter topics for an escape from everyday life.

Read Riikka’s thoughts on the project in her blog


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