light grey colour wall in study room

Discover interior harmony in Japandi style

Light shades of wood, clean lines, simple furniture and a pinch of wabi sabi – here are some of our top tips for creating an interior in the increasingly popular Japandi style.
light beige colour wall in white kitchen

Simplicity, functionality and comfort: Japanese and Scandinavian interior design styles have a lot more in common than you might think, considering their geographical distance. Japandi is an interior trend that combines the best of both worlds.

Both Scandinavian and Japanese styles rely on natural materials, such as wood and rattan. House plants are an essential part of the interior, and both cultures value handmade design. Japandi is a combination of the Scandinavian eye for functionality, and the Japanese love for dark colours in details. When brought together, they create a feeling of calm.

When looking for balance and peace in your home, a touch of the Japandi effect will bring you interior harmony.


Light wood and other natural materials

Japandi is often associated with sustainability: when you use natural materials and rely on simple, classical design, the interior will stand the test of time.

The Japandi interior style highlights craftsmanship and handmade pieces. In Japandi, it’s also traditional to embrace the spirit of the Japanese world view of wabi-sabi: accepting imperfection and incompleteness.

The Japandi way is to highlight the grains of the wood. The log wall in the picture is treated with the bright protective agent Paneeli-Ässä Hirsisuoja. The muted green wall in the other living room is painted with X447 sea smoke, which makes a harmonic combination with the light wood furniture and wicker flower pot.

natural wood panel wall in living room
light green wall and wooden furniture in living room

A lot of light and a pinch of black accents

If you want to go all in with the Japandi interior look, you might first need to focus on reducing clutter. The essence in gaining a Japandi look is to have a lot of open space in between pieces of furniture and decor objects. The perfect items are both practical and beautiful.



The light shades and plain and simple furniture of Scandinavia meet the modest and rough look of Japanese furniture. The dark shades of the Japanese interior turn into small accent points in Japandi: try adding black chairs or lamps to otherwise light-coloured surroundings.

A big and comfy armchair is the answer when you want to highlight the Scandinavian hygge in your Japandi-style interior. Add a soft blanket and some green houseplants to make it even more comfortable. The cabinets are painted with colour 1943 from Deco Grey collection


If you like Japandi aesthetics but find it hard to realise it in every corner of your home, start out small. Declutter your dining room table, paint the surroundings with harmonic, light colours and choose a few beautiful objects to decorate the room. A cherry on top is to add a drop of black. 

In the image, the wall behind the dark dining table is painted with Y487 Piazza, and the floor with V484 Driftwood.


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