Local Artisan blogger Sanna gave her cottage sauna a warm feel using Supi Sauna Wax and Muuri paint. The old sauna was painted dark brown to give it a new lease of life and the sauna wall was painted pale gray for a modern look. Here’s how you can give your sauna a makeover like Sanna!

Create a soft feel with tones

Sanna applied Supi Sauna Wax to the sauna panels, benches and ceiling. Supi Sauna Wax is a protective finish containing natural wax. Like a thin stain, it permeates the wood and gives it naturally beautiful, silky matt protection. Sanna discovered the beautiful dark-brown colour Mustamarja (Blackberry) 3444 on Tikkurila translucent color cardSupi Floor Oil was chosen to treat floor grilles, as it protects the wood from moisture and dirt, and reduces cracking on the wood surface in humid environment.

"I wanted the cottage to have a softer feel than we have at home, so I chose the dark-brown Blackberry (3444) colour.”

Bloggaaja Sanna
Painting the sauna wall and dressing room light grey

The old sauna wall was painted with Tikkurila Muuri paint to achieve a new full-matt surface. Muuri is particularly suitable for interior surfaces that are exposed to fluctuating temperatures that are higher than usual: it can withstand temperatures of up to 180 degrees Celsius. The porous structure of waterborne Muuri paint ensures a breathable surface that permeates water vapor. Muuri paint is available in a total of eight colours: pure white and seven other attractive translucent colours. Sanna chose the transparent grey colour Piazza Y487.

The dressing room panels were also painted in the same Piazza colour using matt Luja interior paint. Luja is the best choice for spaces that are exposed to dirt and high levels of wear. The sauna painting work was completed over a weekend.

Putting the idea into practice

Sanna renovated the wooden surfaces in the sauna, the sauna wall and the panel walls in the dressing room over a weekend.

Sauna panels, benches and ceiling


1. Wash the sauna surfaces with Supi Saunapesu washing detergent, following instruction on the label. Washing the sauna will remove dirt and any traces of previous treatments, and make worn surfaces appear fresher and brighter. Rinse well and allow to dry.

2. Sand the surfaces lightly and remove any sanding dust. Make sure to protect the floors before treatment, as Supi Sauna Wax is absorbed easily into ceramic tile joints.


3. Stir Supi Sauna Wax thoroughly before use and occasionally during use. Apply the wax using a sponge brush. Apply one coat of wax along the grain of the wood. Only use the amount of wax that the wood can absorb at once. Treat 1-2 panels at once, from end to end. Treat floor grilles with Supi Floor Oil.

Painting the sauna wall


4. Before you begin a painting project, it is good to protect the surfaces you don’t intend to paint. Remember to use safety goggles and protective gloves and clothing when painting.

5. Remove any dirt, dust or other impurities from the surfaces with a brush. Stir the paint. Apply Muuri paint with a paint brush. Apply a single base coat of Muuri paint to the surface. After at least 12 hours, once the base coat has dried, apply a topcoat to the wall. 

Painting the panels in the dressing room

6. Clean the surfaces. Apply 1-2 coats of matt Luja interior paint to the panel wall.


For Sanna's sauna, it needed 2 liters of Supi Sauna Wax, 1 liter of Supi Saunapesu and 1 liter of Supi Floor Oil. Almost 4 liters of Muuri paint was used on the sauna wall and 3 liters of Luja paint was used on the paneling. 


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