When it comes to kids room décor, dinosaurs, farm animals and all kinds of fun characters are children’s forever favourite. However, painting them on the wall might not be the most sustainable choice, as kids grow fast and get bored easily. Choosing subtle colours without painting short-lasting figures on the wall might be a better option that your kid will love now and in the years to come.

Pick a mood

A modern way to create a kid’s room starts by being practical, functional and sustainable. You don’t need to forget all the wild pattern but to transfer them into subtle elements. A good idea is to choose a mood for decorating the room, because mood tells a story in a much more abstract way. Therefore the child’s imagination can travel further, and the room will last time.

An interior based on a mood lets the kid’s imagination travel free without pinpointing a specific figure on the wall. Instead, you can shape things with eye-catching silhouettes, like shapes of mountains with X344 Minuet, or geometrical shapes with N485 Chalet, without making it too obvious and leaving some imagination to play with. A modern kid’s room might have a mural with motifs but remember that choosing a subtle theme is always a more time-lasting option.

kids room in soft pink colour

Choose a primary colour

Colours belong to a kid’s room, but kids can sometimes be stuck in one favourite colour. They might adore bright neon oranges or shiny green shades, but in a couple of months, the fad has already changed to the next. With the adult’s help, the kid can learn how to think sustainable in creating their interior.

An easy approach is to choose one primary colour around which you will create the mood. You can add to the primary colour some pale shades, which will embrace a restful atmosphere.

When painting the kid’s room’s walls, it is enough to concentrate on one or two painted areas that will create the whole atmosphere for the room. You can also try to pair a couple of colours together or let the furniture shine with one covering wall colour, like H417 Mezeron. If you want to use an intense colour, you don’t need to commit to an entire wall.

Besides walls, curtains and bed covers are good places to bring colour. You can add colour or shades with careful use of patterns and textures on them.

modern kids room interior

Create layers of fun

Often a kid’s room is already colourful without having bright colours on the wall. Toys are covered by a rainbow of colours, which already brings colourful elements to the room.

Creating zonings with colour blocking is a playful way to bring colour to the room and an excellent way to make the most out of the space. You can, for example, split the space by colour so that the playing zone and the sleeping area feel like different spaces. Bring together contrasting colours such as a subtle green like M449 Grotto with pale red like J407 Siesta.

Besides colours, you can create spaces with the help of furniture, such as by adding a loft bed, which doubles the usable space in the room or by creating a cosy corner with cushions on the floor.

modern kids room in green colour

Nurture with nature

Kids are in their element in nature, so why not let nature in their room. Nature is a perfect mood for a kid’s room because it brings together an adventurous exploration of the tropical jungle, wild animals and blooming flowers. The air of the jungle can be felt by picking a green and brown colour palette that feels outdoors. Mix for example the green of S451 Arbour with K396 Safari to bring the jungle alive.

Creating a modern space for a child can be an adventure in itself. When you let your child dig into their imagination, you can together create a room which is of their interest, suits the style of the rest of the home and is sustainable by being long-lasting.

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