Kids room is the place where imagination merges with functionality. The room should primarily support the child’s preferences and personality. And of course, it is essential to be child-friendly and consider the room’s dimensions so that it is easy for the child to reach.

Designing and choosing materials is also a lot of fun with the child. Take your practicality and your child’s imagination, and you will create a gorgeous space to dream, play and sleep.

In terms of colours, the current trend is more vivid and playful than in past years. At one end are the fun colours with wild and geometrical elements; at the other end, the trend of an earthy colour palette with a kick. Kids are the best experts at picking colours. This year, interior design steps out from the gendered palette of room colours. So, get ready to be open and playful, and take a look at our Feel the Color 2020 collection together with your kid.

kid's room interior trends
kid's room interior in green

1. A walk on the wild side

Kids room inspiration can be found easily from wild nature. A rich yet earthy green Arbour, creates the perfect mood of wildness and takes nature straight to the kids room. Children love animals and the jungle, so why not bring the wild nature close to them.

Using natural colours can improve the overall mood and bring fresh feelings into the room. Think of soft green leaves for a subtle approach to nature or take your child on a decorating adventure and go wild in the jungle.

Incorporating animal motifs on the wall, animal-inspired decor and stuffed animals will inspire stories and feed the imagination. Use bold decorative motifs on the wall. This trend is perfect for night time storytellers.

2. Creativity involves playing and learning

Kids rooms are not just a place to rest but also to imagine and play. Kids love to be wild and get lost in fantasies. This year’s kids room decor trends bring more ideas to provide a stimulating environment for children. Functional toys such as swings and climbing walls serve as a fun detail in the interior and encourage kids to move.

It is good for the child to have the freedom to realise themselves in their own room. Make learning fun and integrate it as part of the interior design. For example, the geometrical shapes of the alphabet as part of the decoration in bed covers or wooden letters on the wall.

3. Geometric lines and patterns

Circles, triangles, squares and rectangles. Lines, shapes and geometry are trending right now, and they work with everything. Level up the kids room walls with large-scale geometric shapes – find your kid’s favourite colour in Feel the Color 2020 collection. It will create visual interest and spice up the room. Geometry is fascinating and will bring more perspective and shape to the room. You can also apply geometrical panels as part of the wall design.

Remember that children spend a lot of time playing on the floor. A soft, high-quality rug adds a cosy atmosphere and breaks the room with its forms.

kid's room interior trends

4. The home for toys

Kids rooms are the home to toys, so pay attention to the ways you can maximise the space in the room. You can think of benches with storage, boxes and bins that make organising a lot easier. This year functionality in the playing area is a priority.

Storage solutions allow you to consider what you want to show and what to hide. Another good way to find more space in the room is by using loft and bunk beds. Lofts and bunks are trending right now, and they give the interior a whole new look. You can even create a space of its own under a loft.

kid's room interior trends

5. Neutral tones with bright accent

In 2022 broken and earthy colours are popular on walls but are often used with a combination of colourful detail. Favouring a large single-coloured painted wall will give more space to go wild on smaller details in the room, such as the rug or lighting.

Contrast brings playfulness to the room. The neutral colours will bring a calming effect, while the bold colour will create a unique touch. Try neutral colours such as X420 Maiden or H462 Weekend, and pair them with bold colours, such as S302 Grapefruit or J367 Mosaic. A light, scandi-inspired wood furniture is a great match with colours and playful and colourful bed cover or curtains.

6. Eco-friendly

Ecological thinking starts at home. Using second-hand furniture educates kids about a sustainable way of living. Nowadays, there are many alternatives, from second-hand stores to online flea markets. You can also recycle furniture and toys within your circle of friends. There is always the possibility to paint and pimp them to fit your kids’ room. A good choice of paint for more eco-friendly painting are such as Tikkurila Joker solvent-free matt interior paint or Harmony full matt ecological paint, which are both certified with EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan certificates.

kid's room interior trends
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