colourful kid's room

How to create a colourful kid's room

Combine your kid's desires with your own colour preferences.

Choosing the colour scheme for a kid’s room can be quite a puzzle. How to find common ground if the kid admires delicious and rich colours, whereas adults are fond of soft and subtle shades?

A kid’s room makeover can be a fun project and finding a colour that pleases both parties is possible. We collected some tips to help you narrow your options and find the perfect shades for a colourful kid’s room.

colourful kid's room

1. Rethink colourful

If you tend to turn down your kid’s colour suggestions, it might be worthwhile to ponder what too much colour means to you. Could it be that you’re trying to decorate the kid’s room with the same rules as the rest of the home? There are many colourful but exquisite options besides the classics. If your kid asks for a green or blue wall, why not go for it? Any colour can be muted and toned down, so the overall look doesn’t become overwhelming. Choosing an actual colour instead of beige, grey, or white is a way to celebrate your kid’s world view.

2. Take colour testers into use

Make a trip to a hardware store and collect a bunch of colour samples in shades you and your kid like. At home, you can play a game where you take turns in picking favourites from a small collection at a time. The tones both choose as favourites are winning.

When you have narrowed down your options to a few, you can test the paints in action with the Tikkurila Colour It -package, which includes three tester-size paint cans. Seeing the colours on the actual walls will give both you and your child the right perspective of the paint shade.

As kids enjoy games and applications, a fun thing to do is play with our Colour Master app: try tapping different colours onto your walls in your own photographs, and see how they could look in practice.

3. Find the matching colour but muted

Did your kid wish for a room in bright pink or emerald green? Every colour has tons of variations, so all you need to do is glance through our Feel the Color 2020 colour card to find a matching colour in a calmer tone, and negotiate. Instead of bright pink, you could suggest H417 Mezeron or J407 Siesta. If you’re looking for a composed green, try S451 Arbour, and for a bright but smooth blue, see H353 Forget me not.

When considering between different tones of one colour, opt for looking at them side by side using colour cards. That’s the easiest way to point out the differences between different shades.

4. Pair with a neutral tone

If you and your kid have let yourself loose and are eager to try even the most vivid colours, good for you! Sometimes glaring colours can benefit from adjoining neutral colour that cools down the overall look. Together with warm, vivid colours, try a warm-toned neutral like F392 Cocoa butter. Pairing cold hues with a cold-toned neutral, such as F428 Necklace, is always a good choice.

A half-panel wall allows you to combine two colours on one wall smoothly, but you can also just cut the wall in two and paint it using two colours. A half-panel wall in H353 Forget me not can be calmed down with a serene adjoining colour, such as F428 Necklace.

colourful kid's room

5. Use only a pinch of the intense colour

Painting the whole room isn’t the only option. Instead, you can find a specific detail that needs a splash of colour: be it a piece of furniture or the door and the skirting boards. Try painting a table with S302 Grapefruit or M449 Grotto for popping furniture item; an accent wall with H417 Mezeron or H353 Forget me not to create instant shining spot in room. In painting, you don’t need to follow the rules of the walls: you can as well let your kid be the artist and decide what kind of motifs they want to see on their walls. You could paint a triangle to decorate a corner or a rectangle to frame the bed or a desk.

6. Don’t take it too seriously

The walls in your home need some maintenance from time to time, so even if the chosen colour should start feeling a bit too much, there’s always the chance to choose again. After all, a home should feel like a home for everyone living there – if a wall in bright colour would do it for your kid, why not go for it?

colourful kid's room
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