colour pallette for kid's room decor

A perfect colour palette for a kid’s room dècor

Looking for a smooth and joyful colour combination for a kid’s room? Since the range of colours can feel massive, we made you a curated colour collection that is modern, neat and fun at the same time.

For this palette, we selected S302 Grapefruit, an energetic sunny yellow, H353 Forget Me Not, a peaceful sky blue, H417 Mezeron, a pale rose, and F428 Necklace, a neutral grey, to bring balance between the colours. This colour palette is inspired by a sunny beach day to bring positive vibes to the kid’s room.

One of the most essential issues in a kid’s room is the atmosphere. It is important that the space feels comfortable and calm, so that the kid will also feel relaxed in the room. The muted and pastel colours make a beautiful earthy atmosphere, as in this palette of four.

colour pallette for kid's room decor

Colour with optimism

Colour plays vital role in creating the mood and a vivid yellow is a great option to bring a sunny and cheerful atmosphere to the room. Yellow is a perfect primary colour for a kid’s room as its tincture is slight, you can easily pick a vibrant shade without being too bold. Try painting a kid’s room table with S302 Grapefruit and see how this yellow will turn your face into a smile.

A vivid yellow is a stimulating colour, which works in a variety of forms. You can give the paint the whole wall or use the colour as colour element. Try for example a square, a bold stripe or triangular shape that covers a big part of a wall. Use masking tape to shape the geometrical form.

Pop up yellow allows kids to get fun and as a stimulating, but subtle colour, it is easy to use bold and wild.

colour pallette for kid's room decor

A touch of earthy shade

To create dynamic colour combinations, pick up a couple of additional colours. By adding colours you will create a delightful colour palette where the child can create their own imaginary world. The dominating vivid yellow asks for a muted and calming colour as contrast. With H353 Forget Me Not or another shade that leads the imagination to the blue sky of a sunny day, you will have a nurturing impact on the room. This colour has a calming effect. Use it for example as a block for example in the wall panel, painting the downer part of the wall with it and leaving the upper part of the wall neutral.


colour pallette for kid's room decor

Let all the roses grow

As a subtle, but energetic shade, add some rosa to the room. A third shade will bring an accent to the room and give a softening impact on the room’s mood.

You will get a beautiful end result by painting a corner of the room with H417 Mezeron. You can also use it as the main colour for the walls of the room and use the other shades as accents.

If you’d only like a hint of rosa, a great way to use it is painting a few pieces of furniture in the room with the colour.


colour pallette for kid's room decor

Harmony with a pale grey

Every colour in the room doesn't need to be colourful. Grey is an ideal colour to match with other colours. Adding a soft grey touch instead of a clean white makes the room feel more intimate.

Grey, like F428 Necklace, combines exquisitely with yellow, sky blue and soft rosa. It upgrades and allows the other colours to pop up in the room. Pair it for example with H353 Forget Me Not  on the walls. Neutral tones will add balance to your kid’s room so that there would be a peaceful mood after playing all day long. 


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Ecological  paint for kid’s room

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