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In the spotlight: be inspired by the colours and shapes of the 1970s

Find inspiration from today's adaptations of the '70s: bold shapes, curved edges and earthy browns and oranges.

The pandemic and a feeling of uncertainty made us turn to nostalgia, and interior styles took a turn towards warmth, nature and earthy tones. Even before covid people were fond of natural materials such as rattan, panel and wicker furniture. Put together, these elements make it official: the decorating style made popular in the 1970s is back, but with a new, more subtle touch. Here are our picks of the style.

Brown and burnt orange


Burnt orange and dark brown were the colours of 1970s interior and they are here today as well – today’s spin is to use slightly more natural tones as opposed to the bright and extravagant colours of the past. Also, instead of chocolate brown, people are searching for terracotta and warm browny-pink. Decorators are turning to soft oranges such as L403 Punch, mustardy yellow, like K398 Emperor, and browny pink like S471 Etruscan.

bedroom wall in warm yellow colour with matching beddings

An autumnal palette with earthy browns and oranges make for an intimate atmosphere. @nelankotona used L396 Beeswax for their bedroom wall and paired it with a finger panel headboard, plants, a wicker basket and a leather footstool.

Green brings the nature indoors


For many, avocado green is the most emblematic shade of the 70s. Green has made a comeback but not as vivid as in the ‘70s – now we are loving the dark, earthy and muted shades of green, paired especially with natural materials like wood, rattan and house plants. The focus is shifting towards a sustainable lifestyle and filling the home with as much nature as possible.

rich dark green wall in study room

Deeply earthy and enigmatic green is our M442 Fjord. It makes the most natural pair with the ‘70s classics, like wooden furniture, house plants and other vivid tones.

Bold shapes made with paint


The ‘70s was the era of soft geometric shapes and curved edges, both in wall design and furniture. Today, bold shapes and colours feel like a fresh contrast for the minimalist Scandinavian style. In practice, many don’t mind the boundaries in between the trends. The characteristics of the ‘70s blend and live in harmony with all the other genres of home decor.

wall painted with arc pattern in terracotta brown colour

Instagram user @emmasisustaa used rustic N405 Terracotta to paint an arc behind a dresser and brought a hint of the 70’s into today.

living room wall painted with soft beige and green arc pattern

@emmankotona nails the 70s inspired style with a wall painted with soft V484 Driftwood and an arc painted with M442 Fjord. A macramé wall hanging  and a wicker lamp are the cherry on top. Both macramés and wicker elements stem from the retro style and are emerging in modern ways.


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