Tikkurila exterior wood paint protects house with long lasting result.

Tikkurila Wood Exterior - For A Lasting Impact

Owning a house is like a great friendship, you need to nurture it with care throughout times. With Tikkurila wood exterior product and proper maintenance, house can be protected against aging elements and therefore endures longer and better. It’s like a friendship that lasts a lifetime!


Without proper care, your terrace, outdoor furniture and other wooden exterior surfaces will dry, crack and lose their ability to endure moisture and sunlight. It’s time to give your wooden exteriors the same attention and care you give to your interiors.



Valtti Plus Terrace Oil and Wood Oil

Introducing renewed, partly bio-based products to protect your wooden exteriors


We have improved our selection of exterior wood products with two renewed formulas, so that your wooden exteriors are able to age with grace. Valtti Plus Terrace Oil and Valtti Plus Wood Oil will protect wooden exterior surfaces and slow the damaging effects of rain and sun.

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light colour terrace

5 + 1 tips that will make choosing terrace colour easier

Here are expert's tips on how to successfully choose colour for terrace that works the best for your home. 

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popular colours for wooden facade

Popular Tikkurila exterior colours for wooden facade surfaces

Read about 6 popular Scandinavian opaque colours for wooden house facades. These classic shades make colour selection easier, whether you’re looking for a new wall colour or a colour palette for all surfaces in the building.

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