Alkyd paint with an active anti-corrosive pigment.

Key FlagKey Fl
Polish Hygenic Certification
  • Good anti-corrosion protection
  • Good adhesion
  • Easy to use
  • 805
  • 8 m²/l
  • 12 m²/l
  • 24 h
  • 5 h


  • Semi-gloss


Alkyd paint with an active anti-corrosive pigment.

Product Features

Suitable for exterior painting of primed hot galvanized, aluminum and steel surfaces and surfaces previously painted with alkyd paints.

Recommended Uses

Sheet metal roofs, water channels, down pipes, protective sheets, handrails and steel structures.


8–12 m²/l.



Application Method

spraying, brush, roller

Good anti-corrosion protection

Panssarimaali paint in combination with the Rostex Super anti-corrosion primer create metal surfaces that are durable and highly resistant to the stress caused by possible zinc salts. Panssarimaali is an ideal finish for corrosion protection.

Product usp1consumer_img
traditional sheet metal roof paint

Good adhesion

The solvent-borne finish flows over the surface, adheres well and forms a durable paint layer.

Product usp2consumer_img
gazebo roof

Easy to use

Panssarimaali is easy to use due to its good adhesion properties. Semi-gloss alkyd paint works well for primed or previously alkydpainted metal roofs and other exterior metal surfaces. Panssarimaali coatings can be easily applied with a brush, spray or roller. Use brush for smoothing the paint applied with roller.

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Wide range of color options designed for sheet metal roofing

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