Rostex Super

Quick-drying anti-corrosion primer with a special binding agent. Does not contain lead or chromate pigments.

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Polish Hygenic Certification
  • For harsh weather conditions
  • Black colour / Iron oxide red colour / Light grey colour
  • Quick dry 2h
  • 805
  • 10 m²/l
  • 10 m²/l
  • 24 h
  • 0.5 h


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Quick-drying anti-corrosion primer with a special binding agent. Does not contain lead or chromate pigments.

Product Features

Rostex Super Metal Primer is suitable for priming steel, zinc-coated steel and non-slip aluminum surfaces subject to heavier stress than usual, when the adhesion of normal alkyd primers will not be sufficient or would take too long to dry. Also suitable for copper, brass, stainless steel, PURAL, POLYESTER, ACRYL and obsolete PVC-coated steel sheets. Can be used as a primer for both alkyd paints (e.g. Miranol, Unica, Panssarimaali) and water-borne paints (e.g. Panssari Akva). For professional use only.

Recommended Uses

Sheet metal roofs, gutters, down pipes, cinder sheets, fire escapes, railings, flagpoles, drying racks, boats and other metal constructions.


Approx. 10 m²/l (40 µm dry film)



Application Method

brush, spraying

Application Conditions

The surface to be painted must be dry and warmer than the surrounding air, the temperature at least +5 °C and the relative humidity of the air below 80%. Such conditions slow the drying time considerably and extended recoatability. The temperature of the surface must not exceed +40 °C so that the solvent does not evaporate too quickly, causing porosity, bubbling and weakened adhesion in the paint. Plan your painting work so that you can finish it within 4 days. Lower temperatures and/or higher humidity will extend recoatability (see table). If you are unable to apply the finishing coat in the specified time, you should sand the primer lightly and wash it with Panssaripesu before finishing.

Surface preparation

Unpainted surfaces: Remove any white rust/rust from the surface by sanding or with a wire brush (until grade St2). Remove any water-soluble white rust inhibiting agents, dirt, water-soluble salts, greases and oils from the surface with Panssaripesu detergent and a brush. Rinse thoroughly with water and allow to dry. Roughen smooth aluminum surfaces. New zinc-coated sheet metal roofs should be painted after one winter at the earliest. The best adhesion will be achieved on a mechanically or chemically roughened zinc-coated surface that has been dimmed by the weather. Previously painted surfaces: Remove any loose paint and rust with a scraper or wire brush (until grade St2). Bevel the edge between the cleaned area and solid paint. Wash the surface with Panssaripesu detergent, rinse thoroughly with water and allow to dry.


First coat:

Stir Rostex Super well before use. Apply the paint preferably with a brush or spray gun. The recommended dry-film thickness for a single coat is 40-60 µm.

Cleaning of tools

Clean the tools with Thinner 1120 or Tikkurila Pensselipesu Tool cleaner.

Maintenance Instructions

Handle the painted surface with care, as the product reaches its final hardness and durability in about 4 weeks under normal conditions. If a surface needs cleaning soon after treatment, use a soft brush, a damp cloth or a mop. A dirty surface can be cleaned with Talon Huoltopesu (mix 1 part of Talon Huoltopesu with 10 parts of water) after one month. Clean stains and very dirty surfaces with a stronger solution of Huoltopesu and water (1:1). Rinse the surfaces and let them dry after cleaning.


(cat A/i) 500g/l(2010) Rostex Super contains VOC max. 500 g/l.

For harsh weather conditions

Rostex Super provides the combination with the best possible adhesion and durability even under harsh weather conditions.

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sheet metal roof

Black colour / Iron oxide red colour / Light grey colour

Primer for metal surfaces is available in three shades: black, iron oxide red and light grey colour.

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sheet metal roof

Quick dry 2h

In optimal weather conditions the anti-corrosive primer for steel, zinc-coated and roughened aluminium surfaces dries only in 2 hours.

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sheet metal roof

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