Surface treatment solutions for Commercial Buildings

Durable and appealing surfaces are essential in commercial buildings, from offices to warehouses and retail premises.

Commercial buildings from offices to warehouses and retail premises are in constant use. Think for example a busy shopping mall: heavy foot traffic all day long, customers strolling in stores or hanging out in the restaurants and mall workers pushing warehouse carts in aisles. The surfaces in commercial buildings need to be both durable and appealing for users.

Areas for customers need highly durable coating

In commercial buildings there is a big variety of different spaces – and all those spaces have a bit different requirement for coatings. In retail premises the areas that customers use require a highly durable coating whether we are talking about entrance or lobby areas, stores, restaurants and cafeterias, stairwells or restroom spaces. These spaces must withstand mechanical wear and repeated washing.

Of course, heaviest use will affect floors, so floor coating solutions in commercial buildings need a combination of durability, resistance to frequent cleaning and traction to withstand the tough conditions. A durable coating system helps ensure good air quality and acoustics, like the Tikkurila Cozy Floor system that works perfectly in commercial and public buildings subject to heavy foot traffic. For moderate stress indoors, a great option is the Tikkurila Temafloor 500M system. Read more about Coating solutions for floors

Nevertheless, walls are also exposed to high wear. Walls need to have a good resistance in case of accidental impacts, such as scratches when moving carts or furniture. In commercial spaces walls probably will be touched often, so they need to be both resistant to stains and easy to clean. When moving to areas that customers don’t use, such as office spaces or staff facilities, it is enough to use a coating that is meant for moderate use. Ceilings are not affected by human touch, but they are exposed to dust and stains. When choosing the coating for the ceiling, it is also important to consider the light reflectivity.

For commercial and retail spaces Tikkurila Luja line offers durability and withstands mechanical and chemical stress. It is also apt for humid spaces as it contains anti-mould agents. For walls choose special acrylic paint Luja 7 or Luja 20. Luja 7 can be used for ceilings as well in wet premises. For priming and painting ceilings a good option is a full-matte dispersion paint, such as Tikkurila Ässä 1.

Office premises on the other hand might need a wider range of colours but also with low side sheen. Tikkurila has a wide range of products suitable for offices, like the user-friendly and environmentally friendly Ässä line. If premises don’t need special resistance, check out Tikkurila Harmony with a smoothing full-matt surface and soft, deep colours.

Special areas in commercial buildings

Commercial buildings usually include high-traffic areas like storage spaces, kitchens and waste rooms, logistic corridors and parking spaces. These areas – and specially floors in them – are exposed to heavy mechanical and chemical stress and require a suitable and long-lasting coating or screed.

Coatings used in technical spaces within commercial buildings often need to meet specific requirements to ensure their functionality, durability and safety. Coatings with high resistance to chemicals or heat might be needed in these kinds of spaces. And of course, coatings must be durable enough to withstand special conditions. For floors in high-traffic areas, Tikkurila Temafloor traffic system offers dependable, durable protection for car parks with concrete flooring. Tikkurila Temafloor 5000M screed, Epoxy (Temafloor 3000, Temafloor 5000M) and PU systems (TF 6, TF Traffic) can be used in car parks as well. Read more about Coating solutions for concrete floors in car parks and aircraft hangars.

Temafloor 5000M

Self-leveling epoxy screed. Temafloor 5000M is self-leveling and it also withstands heavy mechanical and chemical stress in industrial and warehouse facilities.

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For walls and ceilings, a good option is the Luja line mentioned above or the Ässä line that is developed to meet professional needs and is also suitable for environmental classifications. Designing the surface treatment of exterior surfaces for commercial buildings involves several considerations like durability, aesthetics, weather resistance and low maintenance. Surface treatments should also be designed to provide easy access to the building. If the building has historical or cultural value special attention should be given to the exterior coatings and paints. In addition, area or city regulations might affect the material or colour used in the exterior surface.

Colour design

When designing colour schemes for commercial buildings, there are several essential key considerations. Understanding the building's purpose, functionality and historical significance is important, with colours chosen to comply with accessibility regulations and ensure visual contrast.

Usually in commercial spaces brand identity guides colour choices, contributing to a cohesive visual experience that supports the business. Of course, the ownership of the space affects colour design: owned spaces often reflect branding and rented spaces favour neutrality as the occupants might change over the time. In commercial spaces like shopping malls, colours can play a role in safety and wayfinding. Using specific colours for different areas can help visitors navigate the space more easily.

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Sustainable surfaces in green building

An increasing number of commercial buildings have environmental certifications such as BREEAM or LEED. The surface treatment solutions can help score points for those certifications.

We at Tikkurila want to do our part in promoting sustainable development and eco-friendly construction, so we are committed to the goals of the international Green Building Council. Tikkurila’s portfolio includes a wide range of products that meet the BREEAM and LEED classification requirements. Many of Tikkurila’s products carry Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certification. However, design for sustainability performance is a key factor for building projects, regardless of if green building certificates are applied. Read more about Green Building and solutions for sustainable building. 


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