Coating solutions for concrete cycle paths and walkways

Coating solutions for concrete cycle paths and walkways

Concrete floors for pedestrian and cycle traffic, including bridges and underpasses, are traditionally finished with asphalt, but it can often be more economical to install a polymer-like coating.

Tikkurila’s range of polymer-like coatings have several advantages over traditional asphalt: they can be colourful with a choice of non-slip surfaces, they are lighter than asphalt meaning less load stress, and they can be installed at low temperatures. 

Coating solutions for concrete cycle paths and walkways

A safer place to walk or cycle with Tikkurila floor coatings

Coatings for concrete paths need to have high wear resistance as well as chemical resistance to protect against de-icing agents.They also need to be waterproof and resistant to temperature fluctuations and UV light to protect the concrete from weather damage. To give pedestrian walkways and cycle paths extra wear resistance and improve safety on wet days, concrete can be coated with a non-slip finish such as Tikkurila’s Temafloor 6 paint system. This durable, non-slip polyurethane-based system resists UV light, abrasion, heavy loads and salting, while also offering excellent dynamic and static crack-bridging properties. 

Sustainable concrete protection

Our coating solutions for pavements and cycle paths provide the best possible protection for treated surfaces, extending the service life of coated materials while minimising any negative environmental impact. We focus on developing solutions that have low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and reduced emissions, making them safer to apply.

Our extensive range of floor coatings includes M1-classified low-emission flooring systems as well as paint systems that meet the LEED and BREEAM classification requirements.  

Coating solutions for concrete cycle paths and walkways

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