Industrial coating solutions for floors in schools and kindergartens

Coating solutions for floors in schools and kindergartens

Flooring in schools and kindergartens needs to feel pleasant to walk, run and play on, providing maximum levels of comfort for children and staff while being durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic. Classrooms can also be noisy, so floors have a role to play in soundproofing, dampening the noise and making the environment more pleasant.

Tikkurila offers a wide range of attractive, durable floor coatings for schools and kindergartens that stand up to the demands of this busy segment.

Hygienic and easy to keep clean

Tikkurila’s floor coating solutions are low odour and quick to install and cure, meaning the room is ready for play and learning in the shortest possible time. Once installed, the coating forms a protective barrier that won’t crack or split, making the floor surface more hygienic and easier to keep clean – an important consideration in school and kindergarten environments. 

Temafloor school floor
Temafloor school floor

Colours that spark the imagination

Our floor coating solutions come in an almost unlimited colour range, providing the creative freedom for interior designers to enhance indoor spaces with elements such as shapes and patterns. With a wide choice of fun, playful colours available, the only limit is your imagination. We also have a broad selection of surface textures, with a choice of gloss level from ultra matt to high gloss. The right finish can have a huge impact on the aesthetics of the space, making it more calming, inspiring or exciting. 

Durable floors that keep the noise down

Products such as our Cozy Floor system have excellent soundproofing properties to dampen noise and improve acoustics, helping to make busy classrooms more pleasant to spend time in and more conducive to both concentration and having fun. The Cozy Floor system is M1-classified as a low-emission coating system, helping to ensure good indoor air quality while also providing excellent wear and impact resistance. 

Download the Cozy Floor system data sheet

Safe and sustainable floor solutions

All our floor coating solutions offer outstanding protection with minimal environmental impact. We focus on developing solutions that improve indoor air quality, with low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and reduced emissions. Our range includes several M1-classified products as well as paint systems that meet the LEED and BREEAM classification requirements. Over our 160-year history we have been trusted to deliver high-performance products that extend maintenance intervals and reduce the environmental impact of buildings across their life cycle. 

Industrial coating solutions for floors in schools and kindergartens

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