Surface treatment solutions for educational buildings

Durable and healthy surfaces are crucial in educational buildings like Schools and Kindergartens, shaping the learning environment for students and working environment for teachers and other educators.

The surface treatment of educational buildings plays an important role in shaping the learning environment for students and the working environment for educators. From day-care to schools and universities, educational buildings should be durable and healthy. Tikkurila offers durable and sustainable solutions for educational spaces.

Schools and Kindergartens need durability and excellent air quality

Educational spaces can be categorised into two main groups: those for student-related activities and those for staff meetings and offices. Student-related spaces are where students are located, such as playrooms, classrooms and dining areas. Staff meeting and office spaces are designed for the school's staff, including teachers and administrative personnel. In educational spaces there are also different common spaces like corridors, stairwells and sanitary spaces.

Educational spaces usually experience heavy use, so surfaces should be durable and resistant to wear and tear. In educational buildings special attention should be paid to easy maintenance and the prevention of indoor air problems. 

Low-VOC paints should be opted for to promote healthy indoor air quality. Fire resistance and mould resistance should be ensured in appropriate areas. Environmental sustainability, ease of touch-ups and application efficiency are also important. For instance, the Tikkurila Luja line (Luja 7, Luja 20, Luja 40) offers durability and withstands mechanical and chemical stress. It is also apt for humid spaces as it contains anti-mould agents. For staff meeting and office spaces Tikkurila Nova (Nova 2 , Nova 7, Nova 20) line is an eco-friendly and user-friendly solution. 

Floor coating solutions in educational buildings must encompass a blend of durability, resistance to frequent cleaning and traction to endure demanding conditions. A durable coating system plays a crucial role in maintaining good air quality and acoustics. Tikkurila Cozy Floor system is a perfect option for educational spaces exposed to heavy foot traffic. For spaces with lighter foot traffic, the Tikkurila Temafloor 500M system offers a suitable solution.


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Special spaces in Schools and Kindergartens

In educational buildings there are also spaces for specific activities which might have special requirements for surface treatment. Floors in sports facilities should be extra durable, prevent traction and withstand the impact of sports activities. In computer labs there should be antistatic flooring to protect electronic equipment from electrostatic discharge. Laboratories should be very hygienic

Tikkurila offers solutions for different requirements. For sports facilities, Tikkurila Fontefloor EP100 offers durability, and the surface can be treated with Fontefloor Clear varnish with Liukueste anti-slip additive added to improve the anti-slip properties. In laboratories Tikkurila Temafloor 500M adds resistance to floor surfaces and make them easier to maintain.

Fontefloor EP100

A two-component water-borne epoxy paint for interior applications.

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Colour design

The learning environment can be impacted by thoughtful colour choices. In educational buildings the use of colours is important to create a conducive learning environment and to stimulate students' minds. The choice of colours depends on the overall building design and the purpose of each space. 

The colour schemes should support the form, spatial use and accessibility of the building. Different requirements may apply whether the educational facility is a renovation or a new construction project.

Age-Appropriate Colour Preferences in Educational Buildings

Colour preferences can shift with age, with younger students favouring brighter hues and older students favouring deeper, more mature colours. Day-care centres and elementary schools often use bright and colourful designs to create an engaging environment for young children. High schools and universities typically choose calming colours to promote focus. 

Sustainable surfaces in green building

In educational buildings extra attention is paid to air quality and sustainability. Maybe related to this, schools and other educational buildings have quite often an environmental certification such as BREEAM, LEED or Nordic Swan. 

We at Tikkurila want to do our part in promoting sustainable development and eco-friendly construction, so we are committed to the goals of the international Green Building Council.

Tikkurila’s portfolio includes a wide range of products that meet the BREEAM and LEED classification requirements. Many of Tikkurila’s products carry Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certification. However, design for sustainability performance is a key factor for building projects, regardless of if green building certificates are applied. Read more about Green Building and solutions for sustainable building


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