Cozy floor system for improved comfort and well-being

Cozy floor system for improved comfort and well-being

Maintain a healthy indoor environment 

Tikkurila Cozy Floor polyurethane floor system is a durable, elastic choice that helps ensure good acoustics and indoor air quality. 

Cozy Floor system is designed for public spaces such as schools, pre-schools, libraries, cafes, and office spaces. It is suitable wherever there is a desire for a visually appealing, seamless surface. It can be tinted to any color to create exactly the right look and feel for the space in question. Cozy floor offers huge opportunities to play with color, and pattern, and to match floors more easily with other room elements. As well as single-colored surfaces, it is possible to combine different colors and patterns to imitate natural stone and marble, for example.

Cozy Floor system is also a welcome solution in home interiors, especially in larger kitchens and dining rooms, where there is a desire for an even floor surface that looks aesthetically pleasing and is easy to maintain. Cozy Floor is also well suited for heated floors.

Durable and health-friendly

Healthy and environmentally friendly materials are one of the biggest trends in the interior design world. Modern artificial materials are in no way inferior to natural wood or wood parquet, for which it is also customary to use adhesives and varnishes, but whose mixture of volatile compounds has been kept to a minimum in light of modern standards. 

Tikkurila Cozy Floor system is M1 classified by the Finnish Building Information Foundation. M1 classification is granted for materials that emit extremely low levels of volatile compounds (VOCs) into the room space ensuring good indoor air quality.

Cozy floor system for improved comfort and well-being
Cozy floor system for improved comfort and well-being

Greater elasticity, aesthetics and acoustics

One of the main advantages of Cozy Floor over other flooring materials is that is seamless. In addition to the aesthetics, the advantages include convenient  cleaning. Cozy Floor is elastic and doesn’t shrink or crack. What makes Cozy Floor special is its ability to reduce footstep noise, making the acoustics of the room soft and pleasant, which is improves the comfort of people using the room. 

There are two Cozy Floor systems available.

PrimerFontefloor EP 100Fontefloor EP 100 
Base coat Temafloor PU Flex ColorTemafloor PU Flex Color
Broadcast Mosaic flakes
Top coat Fontefloor PU MattFontedur FL Matt

Click a product name to read more about the specific product. For application instructions please refer to the product data sheet. 

Download the Cozy Floor system data sheet

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