Ultra Classic – a high-quality paint for wooden façades

Tikkurila’s Ultra Classic paint creates a beautiful opaque surface to protect buildings in a highly sustainable way.

A durable opaque finish

Bring out your best with Tikkurila Ultra Classic - a high-quality semi-matt paint with less environmental impact that makes exposed surfaces last longer. 


Ultra Classic is an exterior paint for new or previously treated wooden façades that has been developed using accelerated tests to withstand harsh weather conditions. It offers excellent colour and gloss retention while effectively repelling dirt, keeping the surface looking clean and freshly painted for longer. As it also provides protection against mould growth on the paint film, it makes surfaces extra durable. 

Ultra Classic is easy to apply with a brush; it can also be sprayed without brushing afterwards. Thanks to its special rain-safe technology, paintwork isn’t damaged even if rain starts as little as an hour after painting.

Main benefits of Ultra Classic

•    Excellent gloss and colour retention
•    Protects against mould on paint film
•    Repels dirt 
•    Special rain-safe technology 
•    Option to spray without brushing afterwards


The Ultra Classic production process supports Tikkurila’s ambition to reduce its carbon footprint. In addition, the Nordic Swan label guarantees that Ultra Classic is a sustainable and durable choice for wooden buildings everywhere.

Excellent hiding power and a wide range of colours

Tikkurila offers a wide range of colours suitable for exterior surfaces, all offering a high-quality, durable finish. Tikkurila Facade 760 gathers these colours into a comprehensive collection of inspiring options for Tikkurila's professional customers. To serve all professional needs, the collection consists of three different colour categories: 
1.    Classic includes 552 traditional colours
2.    Effect has 160 special-effect colours
3.    Nordic showcases the Nordic countrie

For new or previously treated surfaces

Wood is a natural material that’s vulnerable to weather, moisture and UV rays and can decay over time. Because of this, it’s important to ensure that wooden façades are well-protected – and painting is one of the most effective ways to do this. Regular maintenance, including repainting when necessary, helps to preserve the wood and maintain the integrity of the building’s exterior.

New surfaces usually require two coats of Ultra Classic, while maintenance painting requires one or two depending on the condition of the wood.

Humidity and temperature: 15–25°C (>+5°C). RH 80%

For more detailed recommendations, check the product label or product description.

Painting systems:

Priming oil: Valtti Plus Pohjuste (one coat)
Primer: Ultra Primer (one coat)
Paint: Ultra Classic (two coats)

Exterior wood

Paint: Ultra Classic (one coat)

Exterior wood

Priming oil: Valtti Plus Pohjuste (one coat)
Primer: Ultra Primer (one coat)
Paint: Ultra Classic (two coats)

Exterior wood. Worn out surface
Ultra Classic is easy to apply with a brush
It can also be sprayed without brushing afterwards
15–25°C (>+5°C). RH 80%

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