Coating solutions for floor surfaces in outdoor areas

Coating solutions for floor surfaces in outdoor areas

Tikkurila offers a wide range of high-quality, incredibly durable coatings that provide external floor surfaces with outstanding protection against the extremes of weather and mechanical and chemical stresses – keeping external flooring safer to use and looking good.

Our coatings come in a wide selection of colours with different decorative properties to keep floors in outdoor areas looking good for longer, maintaining the selected colour and gloss level while also substantially extending the maintenance interval. 

Coating solutions for floor surfaces in outdoor areas

Quick to install with minimal downtime

Many of Tikkurila’s external floor coatings take only a short time to dry and cure, so they can be installed very quickly. The Temafloor AC product family, for example, includes an outdoor acrylic trowelling screed that can be fully cured in just two hours. Temafloor PAS Clear is a low-emission, low-odour, M1-classified coating system that is suitable for sheltered areas. It has an extremely fast-curing formulation that allows a three-layer flooring system to be ready in just six hours, making it the perfect solution for quick renovation work. The finished floor is highly durable, non-slip, has excellent UV stability and water resistance, and won’t shrink, crack or yellow over time.

Specialist coatings for every environment

Areas like cargo terminal loading docks and steel bridges need excellent slip and wear resistance to protect against the extremes of the environment, whereas areas like terraces and balconies need a greater focus on aesthetics and elasticity to ensure a seamless, long-lasting finish.

Floor coatings in outdoor arenas such as open-air sport stadiums and concert venues need to be highly durable and weather resistant to stay looking good all year round, protecting flooring from climatic stress caused by rain, snow, UV radiation and temperature changes.

Coating solutions for floor surfaces in outdoor areas

Tikkurila has specialist products that meet the exacting requirements of all these environments, with excellent chemical resistance to protect against cleaning products and chemical spills and outstanding resistance to water, UV light, heat, environmental and mechanical stresses. Our coatings offer good adhesion to concrete and a seamless, non-cracking finish. Temafloor 6, for example, is a durable, non-slip polyuretane-based system that is ideal for pedestrian bridges, ramps and car parks – anywhere where a safe, non-slip finish that is resistant to UV light, abrasion, pressure and salt is required. The non-slip finish ensures the flooring is safe for heavy footfall even during and after rain and snow.

Coating solutions for floor surfaces in outdoor areas

Sustainable protection for outdoor floors

Our floor solutions for outdoor areas deliver maximum performance with minimal environmental impact. By providing the best possible protection for treated surfaces, we can extend the service life of the floor and reduce the environmental impact of the surface over its life cycle. We focus on developing solutions that have low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and reduced emissions, making them safer to apply. Our extensive range of products and systems for external floors includes Temafloor PAS Clear, an M1-classified low-emission flooring system, and M1-classified Temafloor PU-UV Color

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