Surface treatment solutions for public premises

Public premises like airports, libraries, and government buildings have diverse surface treatment requirements. Safety, durability, functionality, and accessibility are essential.

Airports, sports arenas, libraries, museums, government buildings such as city halls – there are a lot of different types of public premises. Surface treatment requirements in those buildings can vary depending on the specific type of facility but all of them require safety, durability, functionality and accessibility. Tikkurila offers a wide range of durable and aesthetic paints and coatings for surfaces in public premises.

Highly durable coating for different types of public premises

Given the wide variety of facility types falling under the public premises, it is important to collaborate with architects and construction experts who are experienced in the specific needs of the facility type when designing surface treatments.

Nevertheless, the common thing public premises share is that they all experience heavy use. Surface treatments in these facilities should always be durable and resistant. In a similar way to commercial buildings and educational spaces, usually in public premises there are spaces meant for customers and spaces meant for staff. 

Within public premises, areas frequented by customers demand a highly durable coating. This applies to entrance or lobby areas, customer areas, stairwells or restroom spaces, and potentially, on-site cafeterias or restaurants. These spaces must withstand mechanical wear and repeated washing. In areas that customers don’t use, it is enough to use a coating that is meant for moderate use.

Different spaces with different needs

The right surface treatment solutions depend on the type and use of the facility. For instance, in a museum special attention should be paid to light reflectivity and aesthetics, in a library to acoustics and in an airport to extra-durability to withstand heavy foot traffic, luggage charts and equipment.

In public premises walls and ceilings need to be resistant to stains and easy to clean. Tikkurila Luja line offers durability and withstands mechanical and chemical stress. It is also apt for humid spaces as it contains anti-mould agents. 

For walls choose special acrylic paint Luja 7 or 20. Luja 7 can be used for ceilings as well in wet premises. Also Tikkurila Ässä line 3, 7 and 20 works well for walls in public premises. For priming and painting ceilings a good option is a full-matte dispersion paint, such as Tikkurila Ässä 1.

For floors, Tikkurila Cozy Floor system offers a durable coating system that helps ensure good air quality and acoustics in public buildings subject to heavy foot traffic. For moderate stress indoors, a great option is the Tikkurila Temafloor 500M system.


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Special areas in public premises

In addition to the main public areas, many public premises also include high-traffic areas such as car parks, storage spaces and waste rooms. Particularly floors in these spaces are subjected to heavy mechanical and chemical stress so they need durable, long-lasting coatings or screeds.

For floors in high-traffic areas, Tikkurila Temafloor traffic system offers dependable, durable protection for car parks with concrete flooring. Tikkurila epoxy based Temafloor 3000 screed, as well as polyurethane-based systems Temafloor 6 and Temafloor Traffic, can be used in car parks. 

Technical rooms, like electrical or mechanical rooms, need to meet specific requirements to ensure their functionality, durability and safety. Coatings with high resistance to heat or chemicals are needed for technical spaces. Public premises might also include civil defence shelter spaces which have specific surface treatment requirements to ensure functionality and safety. Tikkurila Kivitex is highly resistant to heat, and it has excellent water vapour permeability.

Exterior surfaces

Designing the surface treatment of exterior surfaces for public premises buildings involves several considerations like durability, aesthetics, weather resistance and low-maintenance. Surface treatments should also be designed to provide easy access to the building.

In addition, if the building has historical or cultural value special attention should be given to the exterior coatings and paints. For exterior surfaces, Tikkurila Finngard 150 is ideal for painting concrete structures, and it has excellent weather resistance. Tikkurila Finngard Silicone Allweather paint offers excellent coverage, colour retention and durability. It is available in hundreds of colours and provides a seamless, smooth finish.

Colour design

Colour design for public premises is a process that combines aesthetics with functionality and compliance to create inviting and enduring environments. When planning the colour design for public premises, it is essential to consider different factors. The type and purpose of the building play a fundamental role, as different functions require specific colour schemes. 


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Creating distinct zones within the space can help in wayfinding and functionality. Flexibility in colour design is important, especially in public buildings with diverse functions.

In museums, libraries and governmental buildings historical and architectural elements should guide the colour choices which can enhance the decorative features of the space. In public premises colour choices help with functionality, safety and creating a wanted atmosphere for example using the country-related colours in airports or sports team colours in sports arenas.

In public spaces the colour schemes should be aesthetically pleasing to the wide public, but durability and functionality are the key considerations when planning suitable coatings and paints for public premises. It is also good to keep in mind that there might be legislation regarding the use of colours and lights in public premises to ensure accessibility for people of all abilities and disabilities.

Sustainable surfaces in green building

Environmental certifications are not yet common in public premises but there is a growing interest especially for governmental buildings.

We at Tikkurila want to do our part in promoting sustainable development and eco-friendly construction, so we are committed to the goals of the international Green Building Council.

Tikkurila’s portfolio includes a wide range of products that meet the BREEAM and LEED classification requirements. Many of Tikkurila’s products carry Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certification. However, design for sustainability performance is a key factor for building projects, regardless of if green building certificates are applied. 

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