Special finishing paint that contains virus inactivating agent.

Tikkurila’s Argentum Plus 20 is a special finishing paint which contains active silver to speed up the inactivation of corona type viruses in the paint film.

Protecting the paint surface from bacteria

Argentum Plus 20 is a waterborne semi-matt special topcoat for interior walls and ceilings. It was designed to protect and beautify demanding premises around us.

There are facilities like hospitals where maintaining a high standard of hygiene is extremely important. Good cleaning practices are needed to achieve high level of hygiene. To protect the painted surface from growth of microorganisms Argentum Plus 20 contains active silver. The product has been tested according to standard ISO 22196 with an exposure time of 24 hours.

Argentum Plus 20 can

High virus inactivating properties against Bovine Coronavirus

Argentum Plus 20 wall paint contains active silver and has been tested to speed up the inactivation of corona type viruses that has been in contact with the painted surface. 

The test results show a high virus inactivating activity against the Bovine Coronavirus (S379 Riems) using the quantitative carrier test according to ISO 21702:201. The test was carried out by Eurofins laboratory (date of test report: 3rd of February 2022).

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Resistant to wear and abrasion

Argentum Plus 20 withstands heavy wear in demanding conditions and can be cleaned with hospital detergents and disinfectants.

Argentum is a perfect choice for walls and ceilings in spaces where excellent abrasion resistance and high level of hygiene is required. These spaces are for example hospital corridors and patient rooms and other such facilities in which the surfaces are under major stress.


How Argentum Plus 20 works?

Argentum forms an easy to clean surface. It contains active silver as an effective agent that will prevent the growth of microorganisms on the painted surface. 


Tikkurila paints help keeping the Children’s Hospital hygienic and healthy

The Children’s Hospital in Helsinki opened its doors to patients in September 2018, focusing on specialized, demanding healthcare for children across Finland.

Argentum, an M1-class paint, was specified in the New Children’s Hospital for spaces with particularly strict hygiene requirements. 

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Less emissions during and after the painting

Argentum Plus 20 is an M1-class paint, meaning contributes to less emissions during and after the painting

The M1 classification sets limit values for the emission of VOC, formaldehyde and ammonia. Also the acceptability of the odour is assessed. The highest standard, M1, is for materials that emit extremely low levels of compounds into the room space.

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