The Children’s Hospital

Tikkurila paints help keeping the Children’s Hospital hygienic and healthy

The Children’s Hospital in Helsinki opened its doors to patients in September 2018, focusing on specialized, demanding healthcare for children across Finland.
The construction of the hospital began in 2014, cost about 170 million euros, nearly 40 million of which was gathered through the fundraising campaign, the New Children’s Hospital has been then one of the most talked public projects for Finns.
The New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki

Influencing the well-being of people and society​

We at Tikkurila are driven by our core belief that paint makes a difference. We supported the project by donating the interior paints and fillers for the new hospital. As a company, we want to promote the well-being of children, young people, adults, and the elderly through active involvement in projects where paints and colours are used to bring joy, comfort, and sustainable beauty into various spaces and environments.

In a hospital environment, paints can be used to create surfaces that meet the most demanding durability and hygiene requirements; the right choice of colors can also promote well-being and recovery for people of all ages.

The New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki
The New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki

Argentum 20 protects us and the people we care about

The most important paint used in the project, Argentum 20, is a waterborne semi-matt special topcoat for interior walls and ceilings designed to help manage hygiene in demanding sites. The product contains active silver, which – together with good hospital hygiene – prevents bacterial growth on the paint surface.

The New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki

Argentum 20, an M1-class paint, was specified in the New Children’s Hospital for spaces with particularly strict hygiene requirements. These include laboratories, operating rooms with connected corridors and ancillary spaces, reception areas, monitoring rooms, isolation rooms, interview and discussion areas, recovery rooms with ancillary spaces, examination rooms, nurse stations, patient rooms with related control facilities, corridors, and elevator hallways.

The New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki

Special products for demanding applications

In hospitals, paints and coatings can be used to create surfaces that fulfill the most stringent requirements of durability and hygiene.

The primers used in the new hospital included Luja universal primer, a special acrylate paint with anti-mold protection designed for humid spaces and other sites with special requirements. Surfaces were finished with Argentum 20 and Luja 7.

For fillers, the New Children’s Hospital mostly used the Tikkurila Presto range of products. Along with other Presto products, the Presto ALR spray filler was used to fill surfaces. This dust-free filler is ideal for filling plasterboard seams and it comes ready to use and easy to spread. Other fillers used in the project included Presto LG coarse filler and Presto LV humid room filler.

Presto fillers are easy and safe to use, creating a good, solid surface for painting.


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