Temafloor PAS Clear

A two-component solvent-free fast drying polyaspartic clear lacquer.

  • Extremely fast curing
  • M1 classified
  • Durable and UV resistant

A two-component solvent-free fast drying polyaspartic clear lacquer.

Product Features

• Fast drying and UV-resistant. • Suitable for priming of new and old concrete floors under Temafloor PAS coating systems and Temafloor PU Coatings. • Used as a binder and topcoat on Temafloor PAS broadcast systems. • Filled with sand also suitable for patching of concrete floors. • Withstands hot water up to 90°C.

Recommended Uses

• For professional use in industrial, service and public facilities including food processing plants (without direct contact with food) and in healthcare facilities. Suitable for outdoor applications, also.



Application Conditions

The relative humidity of the concrete should not exceed 97%. Residual moisture content should be below 4 weight-%. The temperature of the ambient air, surface or coating should not fall below +15ºC during application or drying. Relative humidity of air should not exceed 80%.

Surface preparation

Always remove all grease, oil, and other impurities with Maalipesu detergent before grinding. Remove laitance or old peeling paint layers by power grinding, milling, or vacuum grit blasting. Choose the method best suited for the premises. Clean out pot holes removing all loose or brittle material. Open cracks with e.g. an abrasive tool. After mechanical pre-treatment remove all loose material and dust carefully with a vacuum cleaner. The substrate must have a tensile strength above 1.5 MPa. For application on cementitious leveling screed: check compatibility with the leveling screed manufacturer.

Painting Cleaning of tools

Clean tools with thinner 006 1048 or 006 1061


VOC 2004/42/EC (cat A/j) 500 g/l (2010) Temafloor PAS Clear: max. VOC < 1 g/l

Extremely fast curing

Temafloor PAS Clear is an extremely fast curing floor coating system for one-day application. It is a perfect choice for locations where minimizing downtime is a priority.

Product usp1prof_img
Professional kitchen

M1 classified

Temafloor PAS Clear is M1 classified by the Finnish Building Information Foundation. It means it emits no harmful chemicals to interior air during its lifetime. It is also less odorous to apply.

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Temafloor PAS Clear coated floor

Durable and UV resistant

Temafloor PAS clear withstands mechanical and chemical stress. It is an ideal solution for professional kitchens, cold storages and breweries, etc. It gives the concrete flooring a hygienic, seamless, non-yellowing, and anti-slip surface.

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