Surface treatment solutions for healthcare facilities

Healthcare facilities, from hospitals to dental clinics, are designed to serve specific medical needs and have high hygienic requirements. Tikkurila offers durable and hygienic surface treatment solutions.

Healthcare facilities include a range of building types from hospitals to health centres, nursing homes, rehabilitation centres, mental health facilities and dental clinics. Each of these facilities is designed to serve specific medical needs and they all have high hygienic requirements. Tikkurila provides hygienic and durable surface treatment solutions for healthcare facilities.

Hygienia is top priority for healthcare surface treatment solutions

When choosing coatings and paints for healthcare spaces, several considerations need to be taken into account to ensure a safe, hygienic and functional environment. In healthcare facilities, especially in hospitals, it is important to focus on easy cleaning and disinfection to prevent the spread of infections. Good decision is to opt for antibacterial paints like Argentum Plus 7 and 20.

Easy cleanability comes from favouring smooth surfaces that can be easily maintained to prevent the accumulation of dirt and pathogens. The durability and resistance of coatings and paints is crucial due to the high traffic, heavy mechanical and chemical stress, and frequent cleaning with harsh cleaning agents. Additionally, the products used in healthcare facilities, and especially in hospitals, should promote good indoor air quality. 

Tikkurila Luja line (Luja 7Luja 20 ja Luja 40) offers durability and withstands mechanical and chemical stress for walls and ceilings in healthcare facilities. As a primer, a great option is Tikkurila Luja universal primer, a special acrylate paint with anti-mold protection designed for humid spaces and other sites with special requirements.

Hospital in Helsinki

Similar to walls and ceilings, floors in healthcare facilities need moisture-resistant materials with well-sealed surfaces to control infections. With floors slip resistance is also crucial, especially in wet areas. Floors need to withstand heavy foot traffic and frequent cleaning with strong chemicals. Furthermore, floors should be flat and smooth to ensure easy and comfortable transitions of patients and medical equipment.

Tikkurila Temafloor systems are a functional option for healthcare floors. Temafloor 500M topcoat results in a seamless, easy-to-clean surface for areas where high hygiene standards are required. Temafloor 5000M is a self-levelling screed that builds up to a 4 mm protective coat that is highly mechanically and chemically durable. Temafloor systems consist of low-emission M1-classified products that meet the strictest emission requirements, making them suitable also for green building projects. To improve the anti-slip properties, the surface can be treated with Fontefloor EP Clear varnish with Liukueste anti-slip additive added.

Special areas in healthcare facilities

In healthcare facilities the standards for surface treatment solutions are very high in all spaces. Nevertheless, there may be special requirements for example for operating rooms and intensive care units (ICUs). These spaces require sterile, antimicrobial surfaces. The coatings and paints should also integrate seamlessly with the specialised equipment and infrastructure unique to each area, ensuring a cohesive and functional healthcare environment.

For walls and ceilings of these spaces choose a special paint like Tikkurila Argentum Plus which contains silver phosphate glass that protects the painted surface from the growth of bacteria and viruses. Argentum Plus paints withstand heavy wear in demanding conditions and can be safely cleaned with hospital detergents and disinfectants. Argentum Plus paints are also M1-class paints, meaning they contribute to lower emissions during and after painting. Depending on the need, choose a matt version (Argentum Plus 7) or a semi-matt version (Argentum Plus 20).

Special rooms with special needs

High-traffic spaces not used by patients, such as storage spaces, waste rooms and kitchens need durable and resistant coatings and paints to withstand the heavy use. Healthcare facilities often also have a lot of equipment and a wide technical building system that have special rooms for operations. In those spaces it is important to choose coatings and paints with high resistance to heat and chemicals such as Tikkurila Luja line products. For floors in storage spaces and waste rooms good options are Temafloor P300 and Temafloor 500M and for kitchens Temafloor PAS Clear system.

The exterior surfaces in healthcare buildings require products that help with easy maintenance and are both weather-resistant and adhere to accessibility and safety standards. In addition, aesthetics, security and easy emergency access should be considered when choosing products for exterior surfaces.


Colour design

Choosing a colour scheme for a hospital is important since colours can have an impact on both patients and staff. The choice of colours, colour combinations and appropriate lighting plays an important role in enhancing visibility and fostering a welcoming, calming atmosphere, especially in patient rooms and clinical areas.

Different areas within a healthcare environment can have different colour needs. In patient areas passive colours with cool, low-saturated hues can help to create a calm atmosphere and help promote comfort and wellbeing. On the other hand, bright colours may be used in spaces for young people to cheer them up. Some healthcare facilities may benefit from biophilic design bringing elements of nature into the environment to make patients feel more relaxed. This could mean access to nature views, nature-inspired colour schemes or using plants in spaces where it is possible. Special attention should be given to areas for patients with mental health issues. Sudden shifts in colours and strong patterns should not be used.

There is a special role with colour design in major treatment rooms and operating theatres. Usually, the walls are painted in muted tones of greens or teals to help the surgeon to rest their eyes from looking deep red of open wounds for long periods of time. In healthcare facilities the use of colour along with adequate signage also helps patients, staff and visitors with wayfinding and navigation in the facility.

Sustainable surfaces in green building

In healthcare facilities it is important to pay special attention to indoor air quality, product safety and environmental performance. We at Tikkurila want to do our part in promoting sustainable development and eco-friendly construction, so we are committed to the goals of the international Green Building Council. 

Tikkurila’s portfolio includes a wide range of products that meet the BREEAM and LEED classification requirements. Many of Tikkurila’s products carry Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certification. However, design for sustainability performance is a key factor for building projects, regardless of if green building certificates are applied.


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