Temafloor P300

A two-component, solvent-free epoxy coating.

  • Durable epoxy coating
  • Thousands of colors including metallic shades
  • Seamless and manageable


  • Full gloss


A two-component, solvent-free epoxy coating.

Product Features

• Good resistance to abrasion. • Withstands water, oils, greases, chemicals and dilute solutions of non-oxidizing acids, alkali and salt solutions. Resists only temporary splashes of oxidizing acids and bleaching chemicals. A separate chemical resistance table available. • Withstands +70ºC dry heat and +60ºC in immersion. Does not resist abrupt, great or repeated changes of temperature. • Self-levelling coating. • Temafloor Flex hardener makes the paint surface flexible and thus more resistant to cracking of concrete. • Also RAL EFFECT metallic colour shades are available.

Recommended Uses

• For new and old concrete floors exposed to heavy mechanical and chemical stress in industrial and storage facilities, repair shops; e.g. process or paper machine units and corridors. Also for car parks, garages, business premises, shopping centres, restaurants and cafe`s.


Coverage on concrete floors is on the average: film thickness 0.3 mm coverage approx. 3 m²/litre and film thickness 0.5 mm coverage approx. 2 m²/litre. Practical coverage depends on the porosity and evenness of the substrate and on the application method.



Application Conditions

The relative humidity of the concrete should not exceed 97%. Residual moisture content should be below 4 weight-%. The temperature of the ambient air, surface or coating should not fall below +15ºC during application or drying. Relative humidity of air should not exceed 80%.

Surface preparation

Always remove all grease, oil, and other impurities with Maalipesu detergent before grinding. Remove laitance or old peeling paint layers by power grinding, milling, or vacuum grit blasting. Choose the method best suited for the premises. Clean out pot holes removing all loose or brittle material. Open cracks with e.g. an abrasive tool. After mechanical pre-treatment remove all loose material and dust carefully with a vacuum cleaner. The substrate must have a tensile strength above 1.5 MPa. For application on cementitious leveling screed: check compatibility with the leveling screed manufacturer.

Painting Cleaning of tools

Thinner 1029 or 1031.


VOC 2004/42/EC (cat A/j) 500 g/l (2010) Temafloor P300: max. VOC < 500 g/l

Durable epoxy coating

Temafloor P300 withstands heavy mechanical and chemical stress in industrial, commercial and storage facilities, repair shops, etc.

Product usp1prof_img
Garage floor

Thousands of colors including metallic shades

Temafloor P300 can be tinted in different color shades, including metallic, e.g. according to RAL Effect collection due to aluminium pigmented base paint.

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Amusement park

Seamless and manageable

Temafloor P300 is a self-leveling coating, that can be applied with an adjustable steel trowel. Using an imagination and different techniques creating of individual and colourful Design floors is now also possible.

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Design floor

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