Hovet arena

A fresh new look for Hovet arena

It took eight weeks of great care to get a fresh new look for the iconic Hovet Arena in Stockholm, Sweden.

Hovet arena, an iconic hockey arena in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, underwent a significant renovation project while public gatherings were prohibited in spring 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The owners decided to take advantage of this downtime by giving the floors and walls of the arena a fresh coat of paint, ready for welcoming spectators and players back once the restrictions were lifted.

The owners wanted to employ a contractor who could paint the floors with Tikkurila products and the walls with Alcro brand products; Wahlströms Måleri & Bygg was chosen to carry out the work.


Hovet arena

Extensive support and idea sharing

One challenge was choosing the right products for the restoration project, so contractor Tomas Wahlström from Wahlströms Måleri & Bygg reached out to Stillströms Industrifärg AB, a Tikkurila distributor, who helped to find the right products.

Tomas Wahlström was very pleased with the level of support from Stillströms Industrifärg and how well they answered any questions regarding the project. Additional paint deliveries were always freely available, which kept the project smoothly on track.

“We’ve been supported professionally through the whole project by both Stillströms Industrifärg and Tikkurila, with both companies ready to answer any practical and technical questions we encountered in the field,” confirms Wahlström.

Hovet arena

Durable coatings with a lasting impact

Wahlströms Måleri & Bygg started the project with a paint that was familiar to them: Tikkurila Fontefloor EP 100, a multi-purpose water-borne epoxy paint. However, using two-component resin products was new for Wahlström so on-site training was arranged by Stillströms Industrifärg to show how the products work and how best to apply them.

“Going from basic wall paint to resin products was a slight challenge,” explains Wahlström. “Working with the products’ pot life instead of the clock on the wall was a new experience that the whole crew enjoyed. Our dedicated staff and cooperation with Stillströms Industrifärg made this project a success.”

The concrete was prepared by grinding all flooring surfaces with diamond tools, removing any concrete surfaces that were in poor condition and then patching these areas with a mixture of Tikkurila Temafloor 400 and sand. Staircases were hand grinded to perfection with great care by the contractors. In total the preparation work took eight weeks to finish.


Hovet arena
Hovet arena

More than just selling of buckets of paint

Overall the project was considered a success and Tikkurila is very pleased to have been such a huge part of that. Lelle Björklund, Sales Manager, Stillströms Industrifärg was also happy with the co-operation: “To grow our business in future we need to offer an excellent level of support to our customers. To keep trading long into the future we must go beyond just selling buckets of paint to training customers on site and bringing painters into our industry.”

Wahlströms Måleri & Bygg was more than pleased with the result of the renovation and is very happy to continue co-operating with Tikkurila in future.

Hovet arena

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