Surface treatment solutions for residential buildings

Residential buildings, from apartments to single-family homes, require safe, durable, and appealing surfaces. Tikkurila offers a wide range of suitable products for residential buildings.

Home is more than just a house, right? However, homes need to offer a secure environment for its occupants. The surfaces in residential buildings from apartment buildings to townhouses and single-family homes should be safe, durable and appealing. The choice of paint and coatings depends on the surface material and location of the building. Tikkurila offers a wide range of suitable products for residential buildings.

Durable surface treatment for daily use

In a residential building, there are various types of spaces. Normally a house has a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and storage spaces and utility spaces. Of course, the spaces can vary depending on the design and layout of the building.

Paints and coatings in residential buildings should be durable and able to withstand daily use, cleaning and exposure to environmental factors. This is especially important in high-traffic areas, such as entryways or kitchens, and on exterior surfaces. It is essential to choose products that are suitable for the space, its use and the material. Ceilings and walls in dry spaces are subjected to low or regular mechanical stress whereas in kitchen and toilets the surfaces need to withstand higher mechanical stress due to humidity and use of stronger chemicals.


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NOVA line

A great option for ceilings and walls in residential buildings is the Tikkurila’s Nova line (Nova 2, 7 and 12). The paints are low-odour and environmentally friendly. The versatile Nova product line enables the painting of both ceiling and wall surfaces in residential buildings with a single product range.

The coating solution for floors depends on various factors, including the specific room, the material used or the level of foot traffic. For instance, the floor coating in the kitchen needs to be resistant to foot traffic, splashes and mess from food preparation. 

Tikkurila's Cozy Floor system is a suitable solution for home interior decoration, especially in larger kitchens and dining areas where a smooth, aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-maintain floor surface is desired. 

For concrete and wooden floors and stairs, Tikkurila’s water-based, low-emission, polyurethane-reinforced acrylic paint Solid WB-L is a good choice in areas subjected to light mechanical and chemical stress.

Special spaces in residential buildings

Residential buildings also have areas that are subjected to heavy wear. Storage rooms, mechanical rooms and garages all need extra durability from coatings. 

Also in indoor spaces, like bathrooms, where painted surfaces are subjected to significant mechanical stress or where water may splash or condense the paints and coatings need to be exceptionally resistant.

For more demanding spaces in residential spaces Tikkurila Luja line offers durability and withstands mechanical and chemical stress. It is also apt for humid spaces as it contains anti-mould agents. 

Tikkurila Supi products are meant especially for saunas.

Other spaces

When discussing apartment buildings, in addition to the residential units, they typically include stairwells, common areas and sometimes amenities like a gym or a clubhouse. These spaces are typically dry indoor spaces where painted surfaces are subjected to very high mechanical stress and the surfaces must withstand washing and wiping.

Tikkurila Solid EP-H is a solvent-free, two-component epoxy paint for concrete floors, suitable for areas subjected to heavy mechanical and chemical stress. Typical applications include concrete floors in garages, stairwells and building laundry rooms. 

For floors in high-traffic areas, Tikkurila Temafloor traffic offers dependable, durable protection for car parks with concrete or wooden flooring.

Colour design in residential buildings

Colour design in residential spaces is a crucial aspect of interior design, as it can significantly influence the atmosphere, mood and functionality of a space. The goal of colour design in residential spaces is to create a harmonious and visually pleasing environment. When designing colour schemes for residential buildings, it's important to consider the preferences and needs of the residents and consider safety, psychology, and cultural considerations.

The approach to colour design varies depending on the specific purpose of the residential building. Typically, in apartment buildings, the colour scheme in common areas may lean towards a neutral palette. However, especially when designing for social housing, there are multiple factors to bear in mind. For instance, wayfinding can be made easier with colours. Also, it is important to pay attention to visual contrast for visually impaired people and to colour choices according to dementia design principles.

Sustainable surfaces in green building

Ecolabels and certifications help choose coating solutions that are better for the environment as well as the health and safety of building users. By selecting paint products that have been classified with a low emission class for building materials, you contribute to achieving good indoor air quality in residential buildings.

We at Tikkurila want to do our part in promoting sustainable development and eco-friendly construction, so we are committed to the goals of the international Green Building Council. Tikkurila’s portfolio includes a wide range of products that meet the BREEAM and LEED classification requirements. Many of Tikkurila’s products carry Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certification. However, design for sustainability performance is a key factor for building projects, regardless of if green building certificates are applied.

Read more about how paints and coatings can contribute to green building standards from our article


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