Children's hospital in Warsaw painted with special Tikkurila paints

Special paints for Children's hospital rooms

The Department of Pediatric Surgery and Organ Transplantation at the Children's Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw, Poland is gaining a new, friendly face for its young patients. The entire fourth floor has been renovated with Tikkurila paints, brightening up an area where treatments often save children's lives.

Patient rooms – each with a bed, an armchair for a parent and specialised equipment – treatment rooms and corridors have all been repainted.

For this important task, a specialist paint was chosen that has been designed for locations where a high level of hygiene is required – Tikkurila Argentum Plus 20. The paint contains active silver, which protects the coated surface against the growth of microorganisms. As a result, painted walls and ceilings not only look beautiful, they also provide additional protection against bacteria, viruses and mould.

Tikkurila Argentum Plus 20 also protects against the bovine coronaviruses by accelerating the deactivation of corona-type viruses that come into contact with the painted surface. This has been proven in third-party tests carried out by Eurofins.

The paint is easy to clean and can be washed with hospital detergents and disinfectants without worrying about affecting the aesthetics of the coating. It also has low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for a healthier indoor environment.

Special paints for Children's hospital rooms

Friendly colours for young patients

A combination of white and two warm dusky pinks (colours G315 and F315) were selected from the colour palette “Tikkurila Symphony” to paint rooms for the hospital’s young patients and their parents. The child-friendly colours were chosen to put a smile on children’s faces and fill them with optimism, helping to encourage a quick recovery.

Friendly colours for young patients

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