Fontedur FL Matt

A two-component, water-borne polyurethane lacquer.

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Fontedur FL Matt

A two-component, water-borne polyurethane lacquer.


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A two-component, water-borne polyurethane lacquer.

Product Features

• The M1 classification for low-emitting building materials has been granted by the Finnish Building Information Foundation RTS. • Can be tinted into Semi-transparent Grey colors in Pro Grey color card.

Recommended Uses

• Suitable to be used as a top lacquer for Fontefloor and Temafloor epoxy and polyurethane floors. • Can also be used for dust binding, does not darken concrete surface.


Untreated concrete 7–12 m²/l Top lacquering 10–20 m²/l Practical coverage depends on the porosity and evenness of the substrate.



Application Conditions

The relative humidity of the concrete should not exceed 97%. The temperature of the ambient air, surface or coating should not fall below +10ºC during application or drying. Relative humidity of air should not exceed 80%.

Surface preparation

Remove dust and loose particles from the floor. Remove all grease, oil and other impurities by detergent washing.

Painting Cleaning of tools



VOC 2004/42/EC (CatA/{Phrase6_Key1}) {Phrase6_Key2} g/l (2010).The VOC amount is < {Phrase6_Key3} g/l.

Matt finish with water-borne produt

Fontedur FL Matt lacquer gives matt finish. Can also be applied directly on concrete for dust binding when natural concrete appearance is wanted. It can be used with Mosaic flakes as well.

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Matt finish with water-borne produt

Part of a design concept

It can be tinted to create semi-transparent grey colors according to Pro Grey color card (TVT 5140–5154). Using this lacquer and your imagination, you can create unique design floors for restaurants, bars, cafeterias, shopping centers and other commercial premises.

Main advantages

• Treated surface is easy to keep clean • Environmentally and user friendly • Lacquer is permeable to water vapor. • M1-approved product • Tintable. 15 colors from the Pro Grey color card.

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