Diccoplast Primer

A two-component acid-catalyzed primer.

  • Excellent filling properties
  • Easy to sand
  • Also under water-borne topcoats

A two-component acid-catalyzed primer.

Product Features

• A fast drying primer with good filling and sanding properties. • Emission levels of this paint fulfils the E1-classification. Paint has been tested according to EN 717-1, and formaldehyde emission is less than 0.124 mg/m³ air.

Recommended Uses

• Recommended for furniture, doors and other similar wooden and fibre board surfaces.

Excellent filling properties

Diccoplast Primer fills in wood fibers extremely well, thus preparing a perfect surface for a topcoat. The primer reduces the amount of topcoat resulting in lower production costs.

Product usp1prof_img
Excellent filling properties

Easy to sand

Diccoplast Primer is easy to sand, which ensures proper adhesion of the topcoat and reduces costs of sanding material. The whole paint system is tight and long-lasting.

Product usp2prof_img
Easy to sand

Also under water-borne topcoats

Diccoplast Primer is an all-round primer to be used with both solvent and water-borne topcoats.

Product usp3prof_img
Also under water-borne topcoats

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