Tinting systems

Tikkurila industrial tinting systems

A sustainable and cost-effective route to thousands of colours.

Tinting is the most economical and ecological way to manufacture a wide range of colours according to customer need, especially when quantities of coloured paints are smaller. Tinting systems provide considerable advantages for users of industrial paints: distributors can provide a wide range of colours very quickly, meaning customers can buy new stock whenever needed and avoid unnecessary and expensive storage.

A tinting system consists of base paint, colourants, a tinting machine, tinting software (including colour management and matching) and a mixer. With the help of a spectrophotometer and matching part new colour formulas can be created by professional Tikkurila Color Service experts when measuring colour samples. 

The exact shade for your needs

Tikkurila’s colour formula database contains colour formulas for all common international colour cards, including: RAL Effect, RAL Classic, British Standard, NCS S and SSG. There are thousands of shades already available and the number is rising all the time. 

Formulas for customer-specific colours can either be calculated with the help of a spectrophotometer (Quick formulas) or checked in paint (Controlled formulas) by Tikkurila Color Service on request. This makes it possible to serve customers with the exact shade they need for a bigger project or when ordering in larger quantities.

Tinting reduces the environmental impact

Using tinting to colour paint improves material efficiency and decreases waste, directly impacting the ecological footprint of the product. With tinting, the stock of paint cans can be kept at an optimal level in both the company’s and the distributor’s warehouse and there is no leftover paint to be disposed of. 

Tinting also has clear logistics benefits compared to delivering ready-made shades. Less transport is required since distributors can have a bigger range of different base paints for different purposes instead of having several ready-made shades of one paint type. 

Color service

Tikkurila industrial paint service

Industrial manufacturing of small quantities of a customer-specific shade is very expensive, so we offer five industrial tinting systems, all of which fall under the Tikkurila industrial paint service concept. Our pan-European resale network offers an extensive selection of durable, high-quality products and optimised colour formulas, as well as technical service and product delivery. The network has numerous tinting and distribution points around Europe, allowing customers to obtain paint of the exact shade they need quickly and flexibly. 


Tikkurila tinting systems for industrial coatings

Our five tinting systems – Temaspeed Premium, Temaspeed Fonte, Temaspeed Dicco Color, Temaspeed Akvi Tone and Avatint – cater to different types of paint and different visual requirements.

Want to hear more about our tinting solutions? Tikkurila's experts are always here to help you find the right shade, product or solution.

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