Exterior surfaces of storage tanks and reservoirs

Long-lasting anti-corrosion solutions for various types of stress

Exterior surfaces of storage tanks and reservoirsa

When choosing a paint system, several factors need to be considered:

• the corrosion category of the environment
• the material (substrate) to be painted
• the coating costs over the whole service life of the object.

In cases of heavy stress, such as marine climate, systems with a zinc-rich epoxy primer are recommended.
Topcoats of the paint system should have good weather resistance and gloss retention. The Tikkurila range has high-performance polyurethane paints with excellent resistance to weather and mechanical stress.

Paint systems for new steel tanks and reservoirs

If you are looking for solutions for zinc or aluminium surfaces, please use the paint systems search

Paint systems for corrosivity category C3

Corrosivity category C 3 Medium atmospheric-corrosivity category.
Exterior Urban and industrial atmospheres, moderate sulfur dioxide pollution. Coastal areas with low salinity.
Interior Production rooms with high humidity and some air pollution, e.g. food-processing plants, laundries, breweries, dairies.


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