Vlantana, Lithuania’s leading logistics company

Over 5,000 litres of durable Tikkurila paint protects Vlantana’s latest big investment – a vast new warehouse at their logistics centre in Klaipeda, Lithuania.

Vlantana’s logistics centre lies on the outskirts of the port of Klaipeda in the west of Lithuania and provides a wide range of warehousing services including stevedoring, incoming cargo quality inspection and customs processing. Another 32,000 m2 of storage space was added to the site in 2020, taking the total storage area to 55,000 m2 and making it the largest and most modern logistics centre in the region.

Image: Vlantana

The construction of this huge building was carried out by UAB NORDEC (previously Normek and Ruukki Building Systems), who for over 80 years have designed, manufactured and installed metal frame structures for demanding construction projects. This expertise and experience allows the company to assume overall responsibility for virtually every aspect of a client’s projects, from design to production, subcontractor management and installation.

Over a decade of successful cooperation

NORDEC has worked with Tikkurila for over a decade and the two companies have participated in several projects together. The Vlantana logistics centre project had a large scope, with between 5,000 and 6,000 litres of paint needed for the massive metal structure, but no challenges were encountered thanks to the strong bond between the companies.

“Having worked with Tikkurila for over a decade we know we can trust our colleagues there to deliver,” explains Gediminas Razma, Head of Unit in Lithuania, NORDEC.

This was a large project which required not only a huge volume of paint, but also the smooth cooperation, professional advice and service that we know we can rely on Tikkurila to deliver. Their professional team reacted quickly to any requests and offered us flexible product delivery terms to ensure we were on time and delivering a high-quality result for our end customer.
Gediminas Razma, Head of Unit in Lithuania, NORDEC

Faster application with Temadur SC-F 50

The project required a fast-drying paint with excellent weathering and abrasion resistance, making Tikkurila Temadur SC-F 50 polyurethane paint – which has anti-corrosive pigments, comes in a huge range of colours and forms an easy-to-clean finish with good gloss and colour retention properties – an ideal choice. Due to the quantity of paint required for the project, the affordable price tag was also a factor in the decision-making process.

Temadur SC-F 50 offers several benefits over traditional epoxy-polyurethane systems. Because it can be applied in a single coat directly onto metal, application is faster, speeding up the painting process and decreasing the overall costs.

Tikkurila recommended Temadur SC-F 50 based on our requirements for the project and we were happy to take their recommendation,” points out Gediminas. “We appreciated that it’s a proven solution and we believe and trust in the team’s expertise. Even with the challenges presented by the COVID pandemic, we received a high level of service with fast deliveries, which is yet another factor in why we’ll return to Tikkurila and their products next time.
Gediminas Razma, Head of Unit in Lithuania, NORDEC

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