Industrial coating solutions for interior logs

Industrial coating solutions for interior logs

Looking to improve the durability and emphasise the grain pattern of your interior solid wood logs?

Tikkurila’s industrial coating solutions provide the best possible protection for your treated surfaces, based on over 160 years of knowledge and experience. All our solutions are backed by expert after-sales support for added confidence and peace of mind.  

The natural beauty of solid wood 

The beauty of solid wood makes it a natural choice for interiors, and the right coating solution will enhance the appearance and preserve that beauty in the long term.  
Our coating solutions for interior solid wood include Akviwax Satin, a transparent water-borne wax that comes in a wide range of colours. The natural wax in Akviwax Satin absorbs into the wood to form a humidity and dirt-resistant surface with a silky soft finish.


Interior logs
Log house interior

Easy to apply and quick to dry 

Tikkurila coating solutions for interior solid wood are easy to apply, performing well on industrial application lines. Because they dry quickly there is less penetration into the wood, ensuring less fibre swelling.  

Our recommended coating solutions and systems for interior wood surfaces are developed and tested on real wood according to all necessary testing methods and international standards. 

Interior coatings that promote well-being  

Tikkurila are driven by purposeful innovation, and we are dedicated to developing solutions that support the well-being of both people and the planet​. We have a full range of products for interior applications that are water-borne, making them a more sustainable choice as they emit low volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  

Our interior product range fulfills the latest environmental standards and can also be used in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled buildings. Akviwax Satin is M1 classified as a low-emitting building material by the Finnish Building Information Foundation RTS and can be used to contribute towards green building certification credits in schemes such as LEED and BREEAM.

Interior logs

Helping you achieve your business goals 

Whatever your project, we can work with you to understand the full lifecycle, identifying opportunities to improve efficiency by reducing costs, accelerating project schedules, and carefully managing the supply chain​. Together with our technical services experts, you can achieve your business goals. 


Want to hear more about our solutions? Tikkurila's experts are always here to help you find the right product or solution.

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