Interior wooden boards

Industrial coating solutions for interior wooden boards

Tikkurila’s coating solutions for wooden boards give an attractive finish and long-lasting protection to treated surfaces. Our coating solutions have been developed based on over 160 years of knowledge and experience and are backed by expert after-sales support that provides confidence and peace of mind.

Adding a layer of durability to wooden boards

Interior wooden boards can have different coating needs based on the application. Putties need to have excellent filling properties and must be easily sanded and fast drying, whereas coatings used for board edges need to have excellent filling and hiding power. 

Our selection includes Putty Pine HB, a water-borne filler specially developed for fast industrial automatic putty application lines, and Colofill, a two-component solvent-free epoxy putty that adheres extremely well to different kinds of surfaces.

Interior wooden boards
Interior wooden boards

A beautiful finish that lasts

Our coating solutions for interior wood boards provide an aesthetically pleasing surface treatment that either highlights the natural beauty of wood or makes the boards stand out with a colourful finish. We offer an extensive selection of colours and options for lacquer surface treatment, with a choice of gloss level from ultra matt to high gloss.

We are known for coating solutions that perform as promised and work reliably in industrial application lines. Our solutions are fast drying with excellent stacking properties, helping to improve production efficiency. They are also easy to apply, with a selection of one-component options. 

Coating solutions that promote well-being

We are driven by purposeful innovation with a dedication to developing solutions that support the well-being of people and the planet. Our aim is to develop environmentally friendly products that fulfil all relevant environmental standards.

We also offer UV-drying products; both water-borne and 100% solids content ones. These high-technology products give the same high-quality results as traditional solvent-borne products but with lower emissions, making them safer to use. UV-drying technology also helps our customers to increase their production efficiency.

Tailored coating solutions you can trust

We work with you to understand your needs across the full lifecycle of your application, identifying opportunities to improve efficiency by reducing costs, accelerating project schedules, and carefully managing the supply chain. We have talented sales teams and technical service experts in several countries ready to support you to achieve your business goals.


Want to hear more about our solutions? Tikkurila's experts are always here to help you find the right product or solution.

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