Wooden terrace decking

Industrial coating solutions for wooden terrace decking

Wooden terrace decking needs to be robust and durable with an attractive finish that helps the terrace look its best. Tikkurila coating solutions for wooden decking maximise the lifetime of the treated surface, while allowing the natural beauty of the wood to show through. Our coating solutions have been developed based on 160 years of knowledge and experience and are all backed by our expert after-sales support for added confidence and peace of mind.

Fast drying and easy to maintain

Tikkurila’s coating solutions offer excellent weather resistance and reliable protection against water penetration. Our products are fast drying, easy to apply and will help to retard wood discolouration, mould and blue stain growth. Our wood coatings for terrace decking are developed and tested in the extremes of the Nordic climate, in rain and under snow, ensuring that they perform as promised with good durability. They are easy to maintain either by reapplying the same product or using Tikkurila terrace oils.

Wooden terrace decking
Wooden terrace decking

A range of popular shades

Our coating solutions for terrace decking have a fine-textured finish with different grey and brown shades available to match the most widely used colours for terraces. Pinja Color Oil and Pinja W-Oil are water-borne, semi-transparent wood oils that penetrate into the wood and dry quickly to protect terrace decking from moisture, sunlight and dirt. The oils are tintable to match other desired shades and can be quickly and easily applied for regular maintenance with Tikkurila’s consumer products. 

Coating solutions for a healthy world

Tikkurila is driven by purposeful innovation and dedicated to developing solutions that support the well-being of people and the planet. Nearly all our products for exterior applications are water-borne, making them a more sustainable choice as they emit low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and release less emissions or odours into the air. All Tikkurila products meet the latest environmental standards.

Working together to achieve our goals

By working together with you to understand the full lifecycle of your project we can identify opportunities to improve efficiency. Whatever your business goals, our technical services experts are ready to help you achieve them.


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