Fire protection for wood

Fire protection for wood

Top-class, water-borne fire protection for wooden interior surfaces

Wood is a popular choice for building material because of its strength, aesthetic, acoustic and thermal qualities. It also has a lower environmental impact when compared to e.g. concrete. When measured over its lifetime —from harvest through manufacturing, transportation, installation, use, maintenance and disposal or recycling— wood requires less energy and produces less carbon dioxide than concrete. 

However, its use in certain types of buildings may be limited by fire-prevention regulations. There are several ways to protect wooden surfaces against fire, and using fire retardant products is one of them.

Fire protection for wood

Water-borne intumescent coating with highest possible fire retardant properties on wood

Fontefire WF paint and Fontefire WF clear lacquer are designed to provide the highest possible level of fire protection for interior wooden walls, roofs and decorative panels. When subject to heat, Fontefire WF products expand and form an insulating layer of foam.

The products fulfill the requirements for the fire reaction class B-s1, d0 – the highest possible for wood material according to the EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009 standard. Wooden panels and boards treated with fire retardant products are used in residential buildings, nursery homes, schools and other public buildings which are typically occupied by many people simultaneously.

Want to know more about fire retardants for wood? Read our FAQ about treating fire retardants for wood

Fontefire WF products are designed for industrial application process and machinery. The products are easy to apply and dry fast, speeding up the application process, thus increasing production throughput and reducing costs. 

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