Industrial coating solutions for robotics

Tikkurila has more than 10 years’ experience in delivering coating solutions for robotics. Our high-quality coating solutions help our clients to achieve high levels of protection and an attractive finish on all types of surfaces.  

We have a long track record of solving coating issues on different types of substrates in environments with different levels of corrosivity. Corrosivity can be different in different industries – for example, in process industries possible chemical spills may require higher anti-corrosive properties for coatings, whereas in the automotive industry, welding and painting lines can generate gases, solvent fumes, splashes and dust, setting strict resistance requirements for coatings. 


Delivering excellence across markets 

Our global presence and network enable us to align and streamline our clients’ paint processes across markets​.  

Our service offering for robotics includes a selection of water-borne coating solutions, which are more environmentally friendly. Tikkurila’s Fontecoat EP 50 works well in a wide range of environments. For tough environments, combining Temakeep and Temaline EPL 100 is the best option. 

Our coating solutions for robotics have a wide range of colour options including metallic effect colours. Read more about our tinting systems here

Tailored coating solutions you can trust 

We work with you to understand the full lifecycle of your product, helping to identify opportunities to improve efficiency by reducing costs, accelerating project schedules and carefully managing the supply chain​. Our technical services experts are ready to support you with achieving your business goals​. 

Our technical service can also help you to select the right systems for your application or to adjust new painting lines to achieve optimal results with our products. 


Want to hear more about our solutions? Tikkurila's experts are always here to help you find the right product or solution.

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Tests and standards

Our products and systems are tested to ensure they perform as promised in industrial applications.
  • Accelerated corrosion tests (ISO 12944, customer specific tests)
  • Chemical resistance (ISO 2812)
  • Mechanical resistance

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