Industrial coating solutions for electric power transformers, motors and generators

Tikkurila has been providing proven and trusted solutions for electric power transformers, motors and generators for over 20 years, including developing customised solutions for specific customer needs.

Whatever the requirements, we work together to find the answer to our customers’ biggest challenges, with technical advisory and support available every step of the way. 

Demanding conditions require dependable solutions  

Electric power transformers, motors and generators are often exposed to a variety of extreme conditions, including chemical splashes, gas, abrasives like dirt and dust, mechanical impact, elevated temperatures, weathering and even excessive vibrations or high salinity. Because they protect highly valuable assets, paints and coatings must be tough enough to protect the surface of the equipment against all these environmental factors.  


Solutions that support the well-being of people and the planet 

As well as customised solutions to help customers meet minimum technical requirements or to find alternatives that are more cost efficient or faster and easier to apply, we also offer a range of direct-to-metal (DTM) products with high solids content as well as more sustainable water-borne solutions. These provide a more sustainable option, helping companies to meet their sustainability targets.  



Thoroughly tested for peace of mind 

Tikkurila coatings are known for their reliable and stable quality, and they are thoroughly tested to ensure our high quality standards are maintained. In addition to our customisation capabilities, we have extensive experience in producing well-tested, proven and qualified paint systems that comply with ISO 12944, NORSOK, GOST and other leading standards.  

All our products for electric power transformers, motors and generators benefit from our wide international distribution network and our commitment to on-time deliveries. 


An expert partner you can trust 

We work with you to understand your needs across your equipment’s lifecycle, identifying opportunities to improve efficiency by reducing costs, accelerating project schedules and carefully managing the supply chain​. Whatever your business goals, our technical services experts are ready to support you in achieving them​. 
Our technical service can also help you to select the right systems for your application and provide paint-shop audits to improve and streamline your application process and ensure high-quality surface treatment. 


Want to hear more about our solutions? Tikkurila's experts are always here to help you find the right product or solution.

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Highlighted paint systems

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Tests and standards

Our products and systems are tested to ensure they perform as promised in industrial applications.
  • Accelerated corrosion tests (ISO 12944, customer specific tests)
  • Accelerated weathering tests (UV, Xenon)
  • Mechanical resistance

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