Exterior windows

Industrial coating solutions for windows

Tikkurila’s coating solutions for windows include a wide selection of paints for different needs, all of which provide long-lasting protection based on our over 160 years of knowledge and experience. Every one of our products is backed up by expert after-sales support that provides confidence and peace of mind. 


A beautiful and durable finish  

Our coating solutions for windows include a wide selection of options that either complement the natural beauty of wood or enhance the surface with different colors for a bolder appearance. 

The requirements for window coatings vary based on location. In northern Europe, window exteriors are usually made from aluminum, meaning only the interior wood needs painting, usually in white.  

In the Baltic countries, white paint is usually also applied directly onto the outside of the wooden window frame, so the paint must also withstand external conditions. In southern Europe, a wider range of transparent colours are used. Our transparent colour selection for windows includes thousands of possible alternatives thanks to our extensive tinting system.


Reliable and easy to apply 

Our products are always easy to apply and work reliably on industrial application lines. They are fast drying with excellent stacking properties. 

Our coating products for windows include Pinja Flex Combi 25 and Pinja Flex Combi 35, fast-drying exterior paints. They form an elastic film with low water permeability that helps protect the window frame against moisture and dirt. For a transparent finish in any colour, Pinja Wood Stain and Pinjalac HB 30 are ideal solutions, protecting the window from moisture, sunlight, and dirt. 

Tikkurila wood coating paints for exterior are tested in outdoor conditions in the harsh Nordic climate.   

green building

Coating solutions for windows that promote well-being  

We are driven by purposeful innovation and dedicated to developing solutions that support the well-being of people and the planet​. We drive the development of sustainable solutions without ever compromising on quality or durability.​ 

Nearly all our products for exterior applications are water-borne, making them a more sustainable choice. Pinja Flex Combi 25 has the M1 certification, meaning that don’t emit harmful emissions to indoor air. See here all our M1 approved products.

Tailored coating solutions you can trust 

We work with you to understand the full lifecycle of your product and identify opportunities to improve efficiency by reducing costs, accelerating project schedules, and carefully managing the supply chain​. Our technical services experts are ready to support you to achieve your business goals​. 

Our products are tested to ensure they perform as promised in industrial applications. 


Want to hear more about our solutions and services? Tikkurila's experts are always here to help you find the right product or solution.

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