How surface treatment lengthens the life of wood

How surface treatment lengthens the life cycle of wood

Industrially coated timber has the best prerequisites for reaching a maintenance treatment interval that is as long as possible. 

We at Tikkurila, are constantly seeking to optimize the life cycle performance of a coated surface. Our optimized coatings formulations secure a longlife length of wood and improve eco-efficiency. 

Also, the higher the quality of timber used and the better designed the structures, the longer the surface treatment will protect wood surfaces.

Proper selection of products and maintenance painting can significantly extend the life of a wooden building. With the right products, wood stays in great shape longer – both aesthetically and structurally.

Structural wood protection improves durability

It is possible to improve the durability of wooden surfaces through structural wood protection. This can be achieved by constructing eaves that are wide enough (>600 mm), socles that are high enough (>300 mm), and making sure that the extensions are cut at an angle and that so-called drip moldings are constructed at the bottom ends of the boards. Water enters wood mainly through cut surfaces, which is why it is important to treat the ends of boards twice with the topcoat used. 

How surface treatment lengthens the life of wood

The conditions have a critical impact

Industrial paint treatments are done in controlled conditions. This means that moisture and fungus cannot affect the wood surface at a critical stage during painting. For this reason, industrially painted timber has the best prerequisites for reaching a maintenance treatment interval that is as long as possible. 

Correctly constructed flashing and ventilation slots behind the cladding keep the structure dry. Timber must also be protected from moisture and sunlight when it is stored at the construction site; however, the circulation of air must also be ensured. 

Tikkurila's Ultra Pro series has the correct thickness of paint film and gives the painted surface long-term protection against weathering, moisture, sunlight and dirt, providing high-quality protection for wood and the longest maintenance painting interval on the market.


The longer the painting interval, the greener the solution

With longer painting interval, the lifespan of the wooden surface can be significantly extended. It means that

  • Less painting waste is created
  • Repaints include fewer polluting work stages
  • The surface requires less maintenance.

Tikkurila wood coatings protect wooden surfaces effectively, extending their lifespan and ensuring long maintenance painting intervals. 

How to ensure a wooden surface stays in good condition for as long as possible

At the time of painting, the moisture content of the wood must be 18% at maximum. The temperature of air, wood and the surface to be treated must be at least +5 °C and the relative humidity must be less than 80% – also while the surface treatment dries. Untreated timber must be treated with primer as soon as possible, in order to prevent mold, fungus or blue stain from growing on the surface of the wood.

The priming and finishing must also be performed as early as possible, in order to reach a long maintenance treatment interval. The wood surface will start to develop fluff within a few months of weathering. The longer the surface remains unpainted, the greater the risk of problems in paint adhesion.

In order to gain sufficient protection for the wood surface, the correct thickness of paint film (at least 80 μm) and a sufficient amount of pigment in the paint product used are required. Traditional industrial primer coats are often so thin that two coats of paint are required on site.

Wooden surfaces need to be protected and painted with the right products, as this is the only way to ensure that the life cycle of the wooden surface is long as possible. 


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