Urethane oil.

  • Easy-to-use urethane oil

Urethane oil.

Product Features

• For oiling of concrete surfaces. • Penetrates into concrete without forming a film. • Withstands well abrasion and washing. • Resistant against petrol, spirits and lubrication oils and grease. • Resistant against vegetable and animal grease and weak solutions of acids and alkali.

Recommended Uses

• Suitable for concrete floors and walls in industry, store and cellar spaces.



Application Conditions

The relative humidity of the concrete should not exceed 97%. The temperature of the ambient air, surface or coating should not fall below +5ºC during application or drying. Relative humidity of air should not exceed 80%.

Surface preparation

New concrete: Remove laitance by power grinding, vacuum grit blasting or hydrochloric acid etching. Choose the method best suited for the premises. After grinding remove dust carefully with a vacuum cleaner. Hydrochloric acid etching is carried out with diluted hydrochloric acid (1 part concentrated hydrochloric acid, 4 parts water). Rinse with plenty of water. Dry the floor. Old concrete: Remove all grease, oil, chemicals and other impurities by Maalipesu detergent. Clean out pot-holes removing all loose friable material. Open cracks with e.g. an abrasive tool. Remove loose material and dust.


First coat:

By brush or roller. Prime using 10–20% thinned ENSI urethane oil. Pour ENSI onto the floor and apply evenly. The second treatment can be carried out after 12–24 hours after priming if necessary. Note! Apply ENSI thinly so that after drying it has completely absorbed into the concrete.

Cleaning of tools

White spirit 1050.


VOC 2004/42/EC (cat A/h) 750 g/l (2010) Ensi: max. VOC < 750 g/l

Easy-to-use urethane oil

Ensi penetrates into concrete and withstands well abrasion and washing. The product easy to apply by brush or roller.

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Easy-to-use urethane oil

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