Ultra Pro H10

A water-borne one-component, polyacrylate exterior topcoat.


A water-borne one-component, polyacrylate exterior topcoat.

Product Features

• Ultra Pro H10 belongs to the Tikkurila ProHouse consept. • A topcoat which does not need a separate primer. • Contains alkyd for improved adhesion to bare wood. • Fast drying line product which has excellent stacking properties. • Protects the surface against moisture, sunlight and dirt. • Extremely low water absorption. • Delay water penetration into wood and therefore decreases moisture cracking of wood surface. • Recommended wet film thickness 120–160 g/m² each layer (dry film thickness 40–50 µm). • Recommended dry film thickness for two layers 80–100 µm. • Can be coated with Ultra Classic paint in building site, if needed. • Tested according to the standard EN 927-5. • Forms a fast drying and elastic film with low water permeability properties. 2 X Ultra Pro H10 provides excellent protection against water penetration, and thus suppresses cracking of timber by preventing water uptake also through the edges.

Recommended Uses

• Suitable for exterior wooden panels and claddings etc.

Short throughput time

Ultra Pro H10 increases the productivity of the lines for dark and black colors. Extremely fast drying properties ensure better stacking properties of darker colors.

Product usp1prof_img
Short throughput time

Extremely low water absorption, standard EN 927

Ultra Pro H10 provides outstanding protection against water penetration and prevents cracking of timber by also inhibiting water uptake through edges.

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Extremely low water absorption, standard EN 927

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