Jannevirta bridge

Jännevirta Bridge

It took 2 430 tons of pre-coated steel structures to complete the 577 meters long Jännevirta bridge spanning the Saimaa deep water channel

At Tikkurila, we are energised by major infrastructure projects, such as airports,  ferry terminals and train stations, where friends meet and depart. Not to mention bridge constructions extending  large waters to create flow of people, goods and businesses.

As Finland’s sixth longest bridge, located on Highway 9 on the way from Joensuu to Kuopio, the new steel composite Jännevirta bridge qualifies well into the category of mega projects. It started with the goal of replacing an older bridge at the end of its lifetime.

Manufacturing began in October 2016 and the new bridge was inaugurated for traffic in late August 2018. A total of 2,430 tons of load bearing steel structures were supplied and installed by Ruukki Building Systems and pre-painted by Midroc Alucrom at the Ylivieska factory.

Smooth and on-time delivery

Totalling a surface area of 18 000 m2, using 15 000 litres of paint, the coating of the steel beams was performed at the Ylivieska plant by Midroc Alucrom, with the paint system comprising Tikkurila Temazinc, Temacoat GPL-S MIO, and Temadur/Temathane.

“Tikkurila paints are familiar for us. The work went very smoothly and all the steel beams were painted in time and delivered to the site without any problems. The final surface treatment was done on site in summer 2018,” says Pauli Marjoniemi, FROSIO III-inspector, Midroc Alucrom Oy.


Jännevirta bridge facts

  • 577 metres long and 15 metres wide
  • 20-30 metres length in each steel section, the longest span being 120 meters
  • 25 metres above water at highest point
  • 2430 tons of steel structures
  • 15 000 litres of paint were used

Tough coating for heavy steel constructions

A bridge is designed to last 100 years. The requirements are extremely high also on the coating, which is expected to last for decades before any maintenance is required”, says Heikki Wilen, Business Director at Ruukki.

In addition to durability, the coatings must offer optimal protection against harsh weather, wind, precipitation and humidity which can cause corrosion. If there’s something that needs to be repaired, in most cases it has to do with coatings.

“That’s why it’s important that the product is tried and tested.  We trust products that last, not only because they reduce maintenance but also from a visual perspective; that the paint makes the objects look good, Heikki Wilen continues.”


We’re creating lasting infrastructure

Once completed, the Jännervirta bridge is an impressive landmark with capacity for thousands of vehicles passing every day. Even though you can actually see the coated structures, what few people who cross the bridge reflect on is that industrial coating, besides architecture and engineering, is a hidden giant when it comes to creating durable infrastructure for everyday life. Ensuring that the state can make good long-term investments, and that you can travel safely across rivers to your loved ones, today and for years to come.


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