Ferris wheel painted with Tikkurila coatings.

Successful cooperation makes the world go around

Tikkurila is well-known both in Russian and around the world thanks to its successful cooperation in largescale infrastructure projects, including a Ferris wheel project which is worthy of special note.
Successful cooperation makes the world go around

The first Ferris wheel was constructed by George Ferris in 1893 for the World's Fair in Chicago; it stood 75 meters high and was powered by two steam engines. By the time it was fully disassembled in 1904, hundreds of similar wheels had been constructed across the world. In Soviet times there was a Ferris wheel in almost every city in Russia, although many were taken down in the 1990s. After a brief period where Ferris wheels were seemingly out of fashion, lately there has been a boom in new rides being constructed in Russian cities.

The Ferris wheels of today feature bright illumination, with air conditioning in the passenger cabins to increase safety and ride comfort. Cabins are fully glazed and equipped with self-closing doors to keep passengers safe from both unintended opening and bad weather.

Ferris wheels are highly evocative, bringing positive emotions and nostalgia; it is no wonder they are associated with romantic dates and family fun. Whether it’s a bird's eye view over a city, picturesque landscape, or endless warm sea, there’s something special about seeing the world from the air.

Taking people – and projects – to new heights

Safety, reliability, and durability are extremely important in construction projects like these, as is making sure they look good to visitors. We were on hand to do just that in a partnership project with Karusel PC LLC. “Tikkurila has proved itself to be a reliable partner. Orders are accepted and processed promptly, paints are supplied within the established delivery times, and all products and services meet European quality standards. On top of that all personnel are highly qualified,” points out Alexander Anatolievich Novikov, Director of Karusel. In total we have painted six amusement rides for Karusel, with three already installed in Anapa (50 meters), Gelendzhik (36 meters), and Novorossiysk (36 meters). Three more Ferris wheels of 36, 42, and 50 meters are currently in our warehouse with the cities where they will be installed still to be specified.

Products that stand the test of time

One critical stage in a project like this is getting a certificate of compliance with the Technical Regulation of the Eurasian Economic Union 038/2016 “On safety of attractions”. To do this the ride is transported to the region where it will be used, and elements of the structure are constructed.

“Based on our cooperation with Tikkurila we've concluded that the company’s products deliver the high quality promised and will continue to deliver for the entirety of the expected service life. Tikkurila materials have demonstrated their high-performance during application: materials are thixotropic, fast drying, and don't need any additional special equipment. Amusement rides need to withstand demanding environmental conditions, but we trust Tikkurila materials to provide long-lasting, high-quality anti-corrosion protection,” concludes Novikov.

Tikkurila offers solutions that meet ISO 12944, an international anti-corrosion protection standard. Part 5 of this standard defines protective coating systems in different corrosivity categories: C1, С2, С3, С4, С5. Tikkurila paints and varnishes prolong the service life of steel structures in various conditions, including moderate exposure for indoor surfaces, major exposure for outdoor surfaces, and even exposure to industrial chemicals. We offer an unlimited range of colors, including metallic effects, which provide an aesthetically pleasing paint finish. These characteristics are particularly important for Ferris wheels, which need to look good in the long term despite constant exposure to various weather conditions.

City-specific paint choices

A white color was chosen for the Ferris wheel, with more than 3,000 m3 of metal surfaces needing painting, not including the cabins. Specially selected paint and lacquer systems were used that took the individual climate pattern for the specific city where the ride was due to be installed into account. Temazinc 77 zinc-rich epoxy paint, barrier-type epoxy Temacoat SPA primer, and polyurethane high-gloss Temadur 90 paint (corrosion resistance class С5; 15–25 years (H)) were used for Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk, and Anapa. In Voronezh, epoxy fast-drying Temacoat HS-F primer and polyurethane high-gloss Temadur 90 paint (corrosion resistance class C4; 15–25 years (H)) were used. The system was applied to the metal structures using airless spraying.

“The application was carried out in several stages: degreasing, cleaning, priming, and finishing. Thanks to the excellent quality of Tikkurila products, the amusement ride promises to look good for a long time,” notes Konstantin Zhir, Head of Mechanical Engineering, Tikkurila.

A reliable tradition of excellence

“There were many challenges to overcome, from the difficulties of painting a Ferris wheel to the fact that the paint shop workers had to master the painting techniques from scratch. We can be proud that Tikkurila has proved to be a reliable partner that not only provides high-quality materials for the industrial market, but also regularly arranges site visits to hold training for personnel on working with new materials and performs inspections of completed work,” remarks Zhir.

A true confirmation of the project's success is that Karusel is preparing to get its amusement rides certified for compliance with international standards and directives that will allow the company to enter the European market. Tikkurila is very proud of Karusel’s success – and the part played by our high-quality products and tradition of excellence.


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