Concrete plant component

Efficient production of high-quality steel components for concrete plants

The Temadur HB 50 paint keeps production efficient. The paint's excellent gloss and colour retention provide a high-quality surface that lasts a long time.

The engineering company Jake-Man Oy uses Tikkurila's polyurethane paint as a surface treatment on its steel components for concrete plants.

Production pieces are huge, weighing up to 20 tons. This means the production facilities also need to be spacious. Inside the factory walls, the entire process needs to run smoothly from component production to surface treatment.

CEO Veli-Pekka Niemistö tells us that Jake-Man's strength is its lengthy history: their skilled personnel have plenty of industry expertise and are committed to the company.

“In this industry, one needs knowhow that can only be gained through experience and can't be learned from books. The work is solution-oriented and self-directed. We seldom reproduce the same products, they tend to vary from one project to the next.”

“Efficient processes ensure competitiveness,” says Niemistö.

Steel components are exposed to the weathering

Concrete plants have components that are in direct contact with sand, concrete or cement. To withstand this heavy wear, the components are made with special steel.

Many parts of a concrete plant's frame have no contact with concrete, but they are exposed to the weather. Some of Jake-Man’s concrete plants are installed in marine environments where the requirements are even more stringent.

"The surface treatment protects the end product from the weather, but we also want to ensure efficient manufacturing. We need paint systems that can provide a high-quality, weather-resistant surface,” says Niemistö.

During transport and on-site transfers, dirt can accumulate on the surface of a concrete plant's components. Paint can help keep the surface clean and also makes eventual washing easy. Cleanliness is an important part of corrosion protection.

"Tikkurila's Temadur HB 50 polyurethane paint provides a smooth and nearly frictionless surface that does not collect dirt and is very resistant to weathering. Temadur HB 50  has excellent anti-corrosion properties. In addition, the surface looks good for longer than with epoxy paint,” says Niemistö.

Concrete plant component
"The surface treatment protects the end product from the weather, but we also want to ensure efficient manufacturing. We need paint systems that can provide a high-quality, weather-resistant surface.”
Veli-Pekka Niemistö, CEO, Jake-Man Oy

High-build coating means fewer layers are needed

Jake-Man uses Temadur HB 50, which is a two-component polyurethane paint with anti-corrosion pigments. This fast-drying and rapid-curing paint can be applied directly to metal and has good film formation. It can be used as a topcoat or as direct to metal paint, as desired.

"The availability of thick-film polyurethane paints is a significant improvement for us. In the past, we needed several layers of paint to reach a specific atmospheric corrosivity categories. Now we need fewer layers. Thick-film polyurethane paints keep our throughput times competitive,” says Niemistö.

Niemistö emphasises that customers place strict requirements on supply reliability. The projects typically involve large sums of money, so customers want to minimise risks.

"Large steel structures have higher quality requirements than before. These days, not every customer wants the cheapest possible solution. Even the toughest industrial products need to look good. Polyurethane paint gives a better looking finish and the underlying product stays in shape for longer."

Concrete plant component

The painting process is more demanding for polyurethane paint than for epoxy paint and requires additional skills from personnel. Jake-Man has trained its employees both on its own and with the help of Tikkurila's experts and technical support.

According to Niemistö, the investment is worthwhile.

"We want to use the best products available in the world of surface treatments. By raising the level of our coating process, we are moving our entire business forward. The benefits enable growth and are reflected throughout our business.”

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