Asphalt plant structure

High-quality surface treatment of asphalt plant components

Temadur HB 50 forms a high-quality surface that makes the heavy structures resistant to the wear and grind of use and transport.

When protecting steel structures and tanks for asphalt plants, Asfaltti-System Oy places its trust in Tikkurila's painting systems.

"We use Tikkurila for its quality, and we have been very satisfied. And we have tried a few other options over the years”, says Roni Kettunen, the company's CEO.

The components the company supplies are large steel frames and tanks, which typically weigh more than 10,000 kilograms. Asfaltti-System manufactures all asphalt plant components but does not sell complete asphalt plants as a separate product.

Asphalt plant structure

A paint surface that withstands the wear, grind and transport of plants

Kettunen mentions that when it comes to painting large steel structures, Tikkurila has optimal hiding power. A paint's wet film thickness affects how much can be applied at a time.

"The thicker a film we can spray in one go, the faster and more efficient our production. It is also important for us that the surface is durable and of high quality.”

Asphalt plants are moved several times over the course of a single summer. During transportation, the tanks receive their fair share of bumps, not to mention the rubbing of lifting chains.

"The paint surface withstands the transport and the friction of the chains and isn't bothered by every little bump. The paint contains anti-corrosive pigment that keeps rust at bay and spares us the use of primer,” says Kettunen.

"We use Tikkurila for its quality, and we have been very satisfied. And we have tried a few other options over the years”
Roni Kettunen, CEO, Asfaltti-System Oy

Tikkurila keeps the paint shop efficient

All structures are first blasted with Oktorae grains and then transferred to a high-pressure spraying room. Unless they are galvanized, the components are painted in the company's own paint shop. Tikkurila plays an important role in the process.

The paint shop's choice is glossy Temadur HB 50, which is a two-component acrylic polyurethane paint with anti-corrosion pigments. This rapid-curing paint can be applied directly to metal and has a nice gloss and good colour retention.

Due to its good film-forming properties, Temadur HB 50 can be applied in thick layers. This reduces the total time spent on painting.

Less paint, faster production

According to Kettunen, hiding power was one of the most important reasons why Asfaltti-System selected Tikkurila. We use orange paint a lot, and it doesn't have the high hiding power of black or blue. We paint huge amounts, so the number of paint layers really adds up.

"We use orange the most, and it is the most difficult to paint. Tikkurila has proved to be the best. With Tikkurila, two layers are enough. Some other products need three, and this is something we have discovered in practice."

"Thanks to the good hiding power, our cost savings are significant on an annual level. It also speeds up production."

According to Kettunen, sagging value is another one of Tikkurila’s strengths. The thickness of a wet film goes hand in hand with its hiding power, so the more paint we can apply without sagging, the quicker the surface is finished, and the product is ready to ship.

Asphalt plant structure

Good products and a beneficial partnership

Kettunen says that their experiences with Tikkurila products have been strictly positive. If anything has needed improvement, the retailer and a Tikkurila representative have helped us find a solution together.

"With the amount of paint we use, everything needs to be in order. We have always received support when needed, and there is clearly a strong will to cooperate."

Asfaltti-System also values that each new paint type comes with proper instructions. Painters have received direct instructions from Tikkurila, and separate training days have been arranged when needed.

"From a business perspective, it is important that our partnership with Tikkurila runs smoothly. They have been genuinely interested in how paint shops like ours work,” says Kettunen.

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