An intelligent energywise treatment for roof

How to treat a roof with Tikkurila ClimateCooler

The Tikkurila ClimateCooler intelligent roof-painting system reflects up to 80% of solar radiation compared to a conventional black bitumen roof. This reduces the need for air conditioning – and therefore energy consumption and CO2 emissions – while improving the indoor climate for occupants. 

In a loft building with high ceilings and no windows above, residents were suffering from the heat during summer. The day after the building’s roof was painted with ClimateCooler there was a dramatic reduction in inside temperature, from 31.5°C to 26.5°C. The temperature outside was a steady 25°C on both days.

Tikkurila ClimateCooler:

•    Lowers the roof surface temperature by reflecting up to 80% more solar energy than conventional roof paints. 
•    Extends the roof’s service life as a lower roof temperature means less thermal stress. 
•    Reduces energy consumption as less energy is needed to cool down the air entering the building’s ventilation system.
•    Improves the indoor environment for building occupants.


How to treat a roof with Tikkurila ClimateCooler

Schedule the painting when there is no risk of rain and ensure the paint film is dry before dew forms in the evening. The perfect weather for painting is: 
- Cloudy and dry with no wind
- Temperature: at least +8°C
- Relative humidity: less than 80%

Step 1. Preparation

Protect your surroundings and clean the roof thoroughly, removing dirt, dust, moss and lichen using water and a high-pressure washer. If needed, apply Iso A-Clean cleaning agent according to the instructions. 

Step 2. Priming

Prime with a single coat of ClimateCooler Flex Primer. If needed, dilute primer by up to 10% water by volume.

Step 3. Painting

Mix the paint carefully before use. 
Apply one or two coats of ClimateCooler Flex Topcoat using a roller, brush or sprayer with a total wet film thickness of 170–180 µm.
If using a sprayer, the nozzle size should be 0.019–0.021” with a nominal angle of 40–50°.

Allow 3–4 hours drying time before applying the next coat (at 20°C; RH 65%).

The surface will reach its final hardness within appr. four weeks.


•    Check the condition of the roof and the roof structures before starting work. 
•    The product contains film-protecting agents, so it is not recommended to use rainwater from the roof for watering plants or washing within a year of painting.
•    Follow the sun and avoid painting a roof that is exposed to direct sunlight.
•    Clean tools with water and detergent after painting.

Tikkurila ClimateCooler lowers the roof surface temperature by reflecting up to 80% more solar energy than conventional roof paints.

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