Urethane alkyd paint.

Avainlippu PolishHygenicCertification


Urethane alkyd paint.

  • 805
  • 7 m²/l
  • 11 m²/l
  • 24 h
  • 3 h


  • Gloss


Urethane alkyd paint.

Product Features

For interior painting of concrete and wooden floors. Also suitable for the maintenance painting of floors previously treated with an alkyd or epoxy paint or lacquer.

Recommended Uses

Concrete and wooden floors and stairs in residential, commercial and storage premises. Suitable for floors subjected to light mechanical and chemical stress.

For a variety of applications

Betolux can be used for the easy treatment of wooden or concrete floors and stairs. It has been granted the Finnish Key Flag label of origin.

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For a variety of applications

Beautiful colors

You can find attractive, traditional colors for Betolux in Tikkurila’s Floor Paint color card, which contains 20 colors for the creation of a personalized color scheme.

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Beautiful colors

Don’t shy away from shine

Use Betolux floor paint for a glossy and durable finish.

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don't shy away from shine
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